5 Things You Must See on the Mendocino Coast

Starting to think of places to go on your vacation? We at Sea Rock Inn know that you have worked hard for your days off and that you should enjoy them fully. We suggest coming to the Mendocino Coast for some days of fun in the sun, relaxation, and enjoying our beautiful area. We always have a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to fun activities for our guests to check out. One of the most attractive aspects of our area is the Mendocino coast but besides just looking at it, how can you really enjoy it? Here are our top 5 things you must see when you come and visit the Mendocino coast.

One of the first ways to enjoy our Mendocino coast is to head over to the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. The gardens are gorgeous year round and there is always something new to see. They have trails as well as individual gardens to look at as well. Want to know the best part? It’s all located in Fort Bragg right on the Mendocino coast! You will get spectacular views of the ocean right within the gardens. Another fun activity is to go bird watching. Visitors have always reported that it’s one of their favorite pastimes while at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Be sure to also stick around for one of their informative talks or classes.

If you are looking for the beach along the Mendocino coast as well as some trails and a fun history story, then be sure to check out the Mendocino Headlands State Park. Enjoy the historic Ford House that serves as the visitor’s center. Then meander along the Mendocino coast and make your way down to the beach. Have fun walking along the beach, playing a beach game, or relaxing and enjoying a picnic.

When you think about enjoying the Mendocino, usually you think about enjoying it by land. Here in Mendocino you can enjoy our coast from land and sea. When you book a tour at Liquid Fusion Kayaking, you will have the best time getting out on the open ocean. Their Sea Kayaking Tour is perfect for those who want to explore the Mendocino coast. You will get to maneuver through caves and see a view of the coast that many dream about. Their experienced guides will take you to parts of the Mendocino coast that are only accessible by water. You will also be sure to see some wildlife while you are out there.

For some, however, a nice leisurely walk along the Mendocino coast is exactly what they need. The perfect place to do this is right by Fort Bragg and enjoy their 10 mile Haul Road. You can access the North version or the South version. Each will give you an amazing glimpse of the Mendocino coast as well as some of the history behind it. Haul Road gets it’s name from the logging days that were once a big part of the Mendocino coast history. These days it’s a gentle trail that is partially paved and gives visitors beautiful views of the coast.

While all of these ideas on how to enjoy the Mendocino coast are fantastic, we have one of our own that we enjoy the most. You can enjoy the Mendocino coast right from our property. Each of our rooms at the Sea Rock Inn have spectacular views. When the sun is setting, start your evening on our lawns with a delicious local wine and enjoy our view of the Mendocino coast. Our views, as well as our fantastic service and cozy rooms, are some of the reasons why so many travelers love staying with us when coming to the Mendocino coast. While you are here, be sure to take advantage of our amazing spa services that are the perfect add on to any stay with us at Sea Rock Inn. Contact our amazing staff today and let us help you plan a wonderful trip to the Mendocino coast.

Photo by: Jumping Rocks Photography