All You Need to Know About a Taste of Redwood Valley Events


The redwood region of Northern California is repeatedly voted one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It has so much to offer, from majestic cliffs and magical forests to serene, foggy beaches. But did you know this area is also famous for creating quality products? A Taste of Redwood Valley organizes several events every year that feature local wines, crafts, and food from Northern CA. There are two events you do not want to miss out on: The Spring Fling and the Holiday Wine Sale and Artisan Fair. Taste some of the best wines in your life, buy unique gifts for your loved ones, and eat delicious food. We guarantee you’ll have a great time. Start planning your trip to one of these events (or both!) and discover California like never before.


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Get a Taste of Redwood Valley With These Fabulous Events


A Taste of Redwood Valley is a group of wineries and distilleries that get together annually to bring events to life and make their products known to the public. Attending of these two events is a perfect day-trip activity for your stay. Spend a weekend discovering Northern California’s wine scene and meet the farmers and winemakers behind it.


Spring Fling

Spring is a season of celebration. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the warm sun announces the upcoming summer season. Join the festivities by attending the Spring Fling A Taste of Redwood Valley! This weekend in April is filled with wine, spirits, food, and lots of fun.


Stop at the different wine and spirit booths to taste various subtleties and flavors. Then, discover a selection of crafts and products made by local artists. End the weekend with a multi-course dinner with the winemakers, which features a menu full of fresh, local ingredients and a succulent dessert. Pair each dish with an appellation wine or brandy and relax to the sound of a jazzy live music performance.


Holiday Wine Sale and Artisan Fair

Later in the year, A Taste of Redwood Valley organizes the Holiday Wine Sale and Artisan Fair. Get into the Christmas spirit with this unique event and combine your holiday shopping with a delectable happy hour. Listen to live music while you taste succulent zinfandel and syrah, find gifts for your all your loved ones, marvel at the Christmas lights, and eat the best cookies you’ve ever had! Bring your own glass and enjoy a complimentary tasting from all the participating wineries and distilleries, including:


  • BARRA of Mendocino/Girasole Vineyards
  • Brown Family Wines
  • Frey Vineyards
  • Germain-Robin/American Craft Distillery
  • Giuseppe Wines/Neese Vineyards
  • Graziano Family of Wines
  • Silversmith Vineyards
  • Testa Vineyards

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