Your Guide to the Best Visit to B. Bryan Preserve

breakfast table with view of the ocean in the distance - download our free vacation guideThere’s nothing like a road trip along Highway 1! It’s the best way to explore the wonders of Northern California. As you make your way up the coast to Mendocino, there’s one spot you must add to your itinerary: B. Bryan Preserve. Who says you can’t see giraffes on the Pacific Coast? This impressive breeding facility offers an immersive look into the lives of African hoofstock. Read on to learn more about this unique place and start planning your visit today! Before you make any travel arrangements, be sure to download our free Vacation Guide. It has all the best recommendations for local restaurants, events, shops, museums, and more.


How to Plan Your Day at B. Bryan Preserve


What to Expect

B Bryan Preserve is a private conservation center focused on endangered hoofstock species like Sable and Roan Antelope, Greater Kudu, Grevy’s Zebra, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, and Rothschild Giraffe. Owners Frank Mello and his wife Judy are lifelong wildlife enthusiasts and opened the preserve in 1998. At the time, it was located in Mississippi but relocated to Northern California in 2004.

Keep in mind that B. Bryan Preserve is not a zoo! The animals are raised and bred in large enclosures ranging from six to 35 acres. The preserve is USDA approved and strives to protect species on the verge of extinction. Overpopulation, as well as the degradation of grazing land and political instability, is drastically threatening their natural habitats. These creatures need our help now more than ever! The Preserve’s ultimate goal is to educate people through awareness programs and Wildlife Foundation donations.

One-hour tours run twice a day at 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. The cost is $35 for adults and $20 for children, and no matter the weather, you’re sure to have a fun ride! Make sure you bring a jacket and comfy, closed-toe shoes.


Go On a Tour

B. Bryan Preserve has herds of animals. Hop on a tour to see them up close! Start your journey with a lecture at the old barn (circa 1800), then board a vintage, open-air Land Rover. You’ll explore the 110-acre property and visit the enclosures to learn more about each species. End your journey with a sweet giraffe encounter. Who knows, you might even get a kiss!

Are you traveling with a little one? If your child is age six or older, sign them up for the Giraffe Painting Experience. They can hold a canvas as a giraffe paints on it! Then, feed the animal treats and make unforgettable memories. Painting sessions take place on the first Saturday of the month at 1:30 p.m. Entry is $50, and all proceeds go to the care of the giraffe!

Note: Drop-ins are not accepted. Visits are only available by reservation.

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