5 of the Best Mendocino Hiking Trails

Northern California is the perfect vacation spot for just about any traveler. When you come to Mendocino, you are immediately flooded with wonderful things to do. Our state is perfect for those who love to be outdoors, and the weather is usually warm year round which makes you want to be in nature even more! When you hear the call of the wild ringing in your ear, it’s time to put on your best pair of shoes and go on an epic adventure at these best Mendocino hiking trails! Top that off with a friendly, low-key environment, and you have the recipe for a perfect trip. Read on and Let us show you some of the best places to go hiking in Mendocino!

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Mendocino Hiking Trails: Where to Go & What You’ll See

One thing that northern California is known for is its trees, specifically in the redwood forest. In the early days of California’s history, these trees were harvested by the acres and used for a multitude of reasons. Eventually, the logging industry came to a close and then these great forests were turned into parks with miles of Mendocino hiking for everyone to enjoy.

Jackson State Forest

The first of these parks is Jackson State Forest. This state park in Fort Bragg has 3 demonstration trails for Mendocino hiking that locals and visitors alike love to go on. When you are at Jackson State Park, be sure to go on a guided tour so you can learn all about the history of the forest as well as what it takes to keep it in great shape. Be sure to grab a trail map to explore their many other hiking trails in Mendocino. Some they recommend are the Waterfall Grove Trail and the Forest History Trail.

Jug Handle State Natural Reserve

Our next batch of hiking trails is right next to Jackson State Forest, on the coast at Jug Handle State Natural Reserve. When you visit the trails at Jug Handle, you will get the best of the forest and the sea. One popular attraction at Jug Handle is their Ecological Staircase. About every 100,000 years, the Pacific would push up a portion of the coast and over time has formed a unique staircase. The plants on each stair also represent the succession of life. You will notice that one stair is a prairie, the next is filled with pines and then the last is a fantastic pygmy forest.

Van Damme State Park

If you enjoy looking at pygmy trees, then our next set of Mendocino hiking trails are just right for you at Van Damme State Park. They have 10 miles full of hiking trails that include a nice walk through their pygmy forest which houses cypress and pine trees that stand anywhere from 8 feet to 6 inches tall. They also have an area on their trails that leads to what they refer to as the Cabbage Patch. This is an area where skunk cabbage grows wild. Lastly, take a walk by the canyon near Little River and enjoy the views.

Fern Canyon Trail

If you are looking for a stunning hike through changing scenery, look no further than Fern Canyon. This 8.5-mile loop trail will definitely get your blood pumping. Hike along some of the most beautiful views and make sure to stop at the waterfall for an exquisite picnic. The trees you encounter are magnificent and will make you feel like you stepped into an ancient magical forest.

Russian Gulch State Park

Our last park that features great hiking trails is Russian Gulch State Park. They have several trails within the park that all can show you different things. One goes south and goes along the coast that will offer you spectacular views of the Pacific. You can also head inland and walk through beautiful forests filled with many indigenous trees. Do note that some of the trails do allow bikes, as well as many don’t so you will have an option of sharing with cyclists or not.


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