The Best Mendocino Restaurants for Lunch

When it comes to picking the perfect restaurant we all naturally veer towards dinner. It’s an easy assumption as dinner is usually one of the biggest and most important meals of the day. In our minds, especially when visiting a new town, we just think we can find something or grab a bite while we are out. In most occasions this works out however there are those times that you pick a place and it is so awful that it takes you the rest of the day to recover from it. When you only have a few days somewhere, you need to make each moment, and meal, count. We at Sea Rock Inn always get asked by guests what are the top Mendocino restaurants for lunch. In turn, we are always happy to recommend to them some of our favorite Mendocino restaurants to go to. Here are our top favorite Mendocino restaurants for lunch.

One of our favorite Mendocino restaurants is Mendocino Cafe. This fantastic eatery prides itself on using the best of ingredients and takes advantage of our local farms. On their menu you will find many of the dishes that you would find on their dinner menu, however in lunch sized portions. Their menu consists of globally inspired dishes ranging from Mexican to Asian and back to American. If you are looking for something light then be sure to check out their salads and soups but if you are looking for a fuller meal, they have those options as well.

If you are looking for lunch with a gorgeous view then the one of the top Mendocino restaurants is Rhody’s Garden Cafe at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. This fantastic cafe offers not only those who are enjoying the gardens a quick bite to eat but those who aren’t as well. You can eat at Rhody’s Garden Cafe without paying to see the gardens. Rhody’s serves fresh and simple food like sandwiches, soups, and salads. Their produce comes from either the Botanical Garden’s garden or from local sources.

Looking for a bit of home cooking with substance? Then you have to try one of the best Mendocino restaurants known for BBQ, The Q. Located in Fort Bragg, The Q offers diners a host of choices from ribs, sandwiches, salads, brisket, BBQ. For those who want to eat local, you have to try their oysters. They are prepared with a choice of different sauces to still give you the BBQ flair with the saltiness of the ocean.

Our last choice in Mendocino restaurants is a tad unconventional but the reward is high. You could always pack a delicious picnic and take it to the beach, to the trails, to the redwood forests, anywhere that you would like to and have not only an amazing lunch but one with a gorgeous view handpicked by you. You might then wonder where to get your food. One of the best markets in town is Harvest Market. They have local produce straight from the farm, ready to be eaten. In the Harvest Market you could get one of their hot soups to go and pair it with one of their homemade sandwiches. Looking for something a little lighter? Select a few cheeses from their display, grab a loaf of fresh baked bread, some delicious fruit, and a few choices of sliced meats and a bottle of wine and you have a wonderful picnic.

It’s easy to see why so many people love coming to our area, we have wonderful Mendocino restaurants with gorgeous views. One other favorite place in Mendocino is us at Sea Rock Inn. Locals and visitors love coming to see us. Each of our rooms is equipped with modern luxuries like a DVD player, Keurig coffeemaker as well as our Scandia Down featherbeds paired with luxury linens ensure that you have a relaxing stay. Start your day off with a delicious breakfast and then enjoy your adventures in Mendocino. Ready to come explore our wonderful area? Contact our wonderful staff today and let us help you plan a wonderful trip.

Photo by: Larry Miller