Here Are the Top 3 Reasons to Book a Cottage in Mendocino

Are you planning a vacation to Mendocino but are hesitant as to where you want to stay? If so, you’ve landed on the perfect blog! Here, we’ll show you all the benefits of booking a cottage in Mendocino, starting with all the privacy you get and how you can make yourself at home. We’ll also tell you about all the perks you get to enjoy when you stay at one of Sea Rock Inn’s cottages, including stellar views and high-end services. So, are you ready? Read on, take notes, and find your dream Mendocino cottage! 

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Here’s Why You Should Book a Cottage in Mendocino 

You Get More Privacy 

One of the biggest perks of booking a cottage in Mendocino is the extra privacy they provide. Indeed, you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors or bumping into anyone. You can enjoy private access to your own little home and sleep undisturbed. There’s nothing like unplugging from everything and everyone, and that’s exactly the kind of luxury a cottage offers you.  

You Can Make Yourself at Home 

In addition to extra privacy, did you know a cottage can be a fabulous option if you want to feel at home? Indeed, you can make yourself cozy and enjoy your space with all the comforts of modern technology. Kick off your shoes after a day of hiking in the surrounding state parks, turn on the gas fireplace, take a warm shower, and open a bottle of wine to enjoy on your private deck overlooking the ocean in the distance!  

You Can Still Enjoy the B&B Lifestyle 

Not all cottages are the same. Indeed, there is a difference between renting a cottage on its own and renting a cottage via a local B&B. The second option is our favorite as it gives you access to many guest services you wouldn’t have otherwise. When you book a Sea Rock Inn cottage, you can enjoy our delicious, homemade breakfast every morning and many guest packages. It’s the best of both worldsand we wouldn’t want you to miss it!

Book Your Mendocino Cottage with Sea Rock Inn! 

View of the Bed in Sea Rock RoomNow that you know why a cottage is perfect for your vacation in Mendocino, it’s time you find yours! Sea Rock Inn is one of the top B&Bs in Northern California and offers collection of beautiful cottages with stunning ocean views. Browse our selection today to find the perfect one for you and your better half and get ready for a unique stay! Did we mention you get to enjoy a lavish, homemade breakfast? 

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