Can You Spare Some Time for a Visit to Bowling Ball Beach?

view of a road leading into the Redwood forest and the tall trees with overlaying text saying download our free vacation guide Score a strike on your vacation when you visit Bowling Ball Beach! This unique sandy stretch along the Mendocino Coast features a sea of rocks during low tide that look like bowling balls in the water. Almost perfectly spherical, these stones are quite the phenomenon, causing wild speculation as to their creation. However, the answer comes with some simple geology. When you stay at the Sea Rock Inn, you can go visit Bowling Ball Beach and discover the bizarre natural occurrence for yourself! Learn more about the geology.

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Why is it Called Bowling Ball Beach?

It may look like there are bowling balls sitting in the water. But Bowling Ball Beach geology proves they are actually phenomena called “concretions.” Composed of more tenacious material than the sand and rock surrounding them, these “bowling balls” are left after erosion over time. Now, the beach is strewn with these beautiful wonders for visitors to view and ogle. When you visit, be sure to check the Bowling Ball Beach tides so you arrive at low tide when the “bowling balls” are visible. And be sure to bring your camera to capture the magical sight!

Other Unique Beaches

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is another incredible beach to see during your stay at Sea Rock Inn. This marvelous stretch offers travelers not only the chance to enjoy unparalleled views of the ocean but also to hunt for sea glass. These colorful bits of beautiful bliss line the beach in a dazzling prism when the sun is shining! Located in the MacKerricher State Park, the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg features some lovely areas to explore. The main attraction, of course, is the beautiful Glass Beach Trail. look for your favorite sea glass colors, but please don’t take any. Preservation is key!

Change Perspective With a Lighthouse View

After visiting Bowling Ball Beach and discovering its unique geology, consider a trip to the Point Arena Lighthouse. when you climb to the top of the 115-foot lighthouse you will be absolutely awestruck at what you see. You can see for miles into the Pacific Ocean as well as the beaches and town that surround it, including the beautiful Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands. Built in 1870, the Point Arena Lighthouse is made of brick and mortar and features an ornate staircase. Over time, it has been remodeled from damage and time but it still stands strong and is a wonderful place to visit!

The Views at Sea Rock Inn are Stunning Too!

Bowling Ball Beach is a fantastic location to visit during your stay at Sea Rock Inn. However, we have gorgeous views right here at our cliffside location! Rock on your private sea cottage porch while the waves crash in the distance and sun sinks into the horizon. With a glass of wine in your hand, gaze out over the well-manicured grounds and natural rugged coast. You’ll love your getaway to the California coast!


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