Cafe Beaujolais Has the Best Lunch in Mendocino

Cafe BeaujolaisWhen you’re planning your ideal vacation, some of the first things you decide are what to do and where to stay. Yet, you might forget an important factor in the decision-making process: where to eat! While you are staying with us at Sea Rock Inn, your breakfast is taken care of. We will provide a hand-prepared breakfast to start your day off right. Save your restaurant outings until lunch, after you’ve already gotten to explore the area some. Then, when you’re looking for a great place to eat later in the day, consider Cafe Beaujolais.

When you are here in Mendocino, there is never a need to have anything less than amazing food. While there are many places to eat in the area, one in particular that we love is Cafe Beaujolais. Let us show you why you should eat at Cafe Beaujolais during your vacation.

About Cafe Beaujolais

Cafe Beaujolais prides themselves on not only their food but where their food comes from. The restaurant has partnered with some incredible local farms to create truly stunning dishes. Cafe Beaujolais is so proud of this partnership that the menu includes a list of where the ingredients came from. This is to show guests that fresh produce and meats are at the top of their list!

Cafe Beaujolais Menu

The menu at Cafe Beaujolais is a mix of intercontinental dishes from France to Asia and also right back here in California. The types of dishes that this premier restaurant offers are soups, salads, entree salads, and entrees. Many of these orders come with fresh fish and local meat, but there are also some delicious vegetarian and vegan options as well. When you plan out your meal at Cafe Beaujolais, be sure to save room for their decadent desserts. Your dessert will be the perfect end to a sumptuous meal.

After Lunch at Cafe Beaujolais

You might be wondering how to fill your time after eating such an amazing lunch. Luckily, Cafe Beaujolais is located right in the heart of Mendocino, so there is plenty to do. Here are just two activities that are merely steps away.

  1. Mendocino Headlands– This beautiful state park will show you the best side of Mendocino. Take trails down to the ocean and sink your toes in the sand. Take some time and watch the waves roll in, and then take a stroll along the sandy oasis. Before you leave, check out the Ford House, where you can learn about our interesting history.
  2. Mendocino Art Center– The arts are an integral part of our local culture and simply must be experienced when you come to Mendocino. The Mendocino Art Center has classes, galleries, and shops for you to explore. 

There are so many ways to enjoy a lunch and an afternoon here in Mendocino. When you consider taking a trip up the California coast, stay with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our stunning B&B offers not only exceptional service but cozy rooms with breathtaking views. We have different rooms to accommodate any group size and private porches as well as shared outdoor spaces for your relaxation. Contact us today and plan your next trip to Mendocino!

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