What Are the Best Things to Do on Your California Coast Road Trip?

Are you dreaming of a fabulous getaway with your best friends or better half this year? How about fulfilling your bucket list and going on that long-desired California coast road trip? If that sounds idyllic, then you’ve landed on the right page. In this blog, we’ll be telling you how to plan the best adventure along the Pacific Ocean. Are you ready? Take a pen, a piece of paper, and start taking notes! 

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Here’s How Your California Road Trip Should Go

Start in San Francisco

We highly recommend you start your journey up the coast in San Francisco. Not only is it home to the closest international airport to Mendocino, but it also makes your road trip more feasible as opposed to starting down south where you’d be driving for at least a couple of days nonstop. San Francisco is a fun place to kick off your adventure: It has a lot of museums, popular restaurants, and you get to enjoy the effervescence of the city before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and heading out into the gorgeous scenery of the Pacific coast. We recommend stopping in the little town of Sausalito right after the bridge for lunch. It offers incredible views of the bay and has a great selection of restaurants. Our personal favorite is the Barrel House Tavern. Make sure you call ahead to book a table on the terrace!  

Soak Up the Scenery Along Highway 1

Once you leave the city, keep going straight on Highway 1! It’s one of the most scenic roads in the country —and a fun one, on top of that! To make your journey even more unforgettable, we recommend taking your time on this portion of the trip and stopping along the way. There are seven stops along Highway 1 that we usually recommend to our guests. Point Reyes Shipwreck is one of them as well as the Sonoma Coast Overlook!

End Your Journey in Mendocino

Your Northern California road trip cannot last forever, sadly, so where you decide to end it is of the utmost importance! Mendocino is ideal for that. Not only is it a charming coastal town, but it’s also the No. 1 destination in the area! There are so many things to do here, including hiking in the numerous state parks, going on a day trip to the famous Avenue of the Giants, perusing the many downtown shops and art galleries, and even visiting historical sites, like the Point Arena Lighthouse. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have the most magical time. 

Stay in the Best B&B in Mendocino!

View of the property facing the ocean under orange skyNow that you know how to map out the perfect California coast road trip, it’s time you find a place to stay at your final stop. Mendocino is one of the most charming and enchanting towns in the state, and it’s a stellar wellness destination too! It’s only natural that you should stay at the best B&B there. Sea Rock Inn not only offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, but it also features gorgeous rooms where you and your loved ones can unwind and enjoy a slower pace of life. Take time to reconnect with nature and one another and unplug from your everyday distractions. Did you know we also have specials and packages to enhance your stay? Pamper yourself with a spa treatment or hop in a luxurious S.U.V. to tour the nearby wineries! 

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