Drive Through the Famous Chandelier Tree

Chandelier TreeWhen you think about going on vacation, you think of where to go. For some, they enjoy hitting up some of the big spots in the country and abroad. There are places like Disney, the Grand Canyon and a host of other places that are packed during the year. For travelers who enjoy a bit of space, this can seem like a nightmare. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy amazing places. We at Sea Rock Inn love our area of Mendocino, as well as some of the famous attractions near us. One such attraction is the Chandelier Tree. Come see how much fun you can have when you take a drive through this beautiful, historic Coastal Redwood.

The Chandelier Tree is a part of the Drive-Thru Tree Park that has been owned and operated by the Underwood family since 1922 and is located in Leggett, CA. They are open 7 days a week and are only closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. To get into the park, fees for cars are $5, motorcycles, bikes, or walkers are $3, and tour buses are $25. Getting to Chandelier Tree is not only easy but beautiful. Head north on Highway 1 until it intersects with Highway 101. While you are on the drive, you will be amazed at what you will witness on the way. There is nothing like driving Highway 1 along California’s coast. You will get views and glimpses of a side of California that most don’t get to see.

Let’s move onto what you will experience while you are at Chandelier Tree. You may be wondering if your vehicle will fit through the tree. This is a common occurrence since the rise of larger vehicles but rest assured that your vehicle should fit through this enormous redwood. The only ones that usually have a hard time are those that are pulling trailers or is a motorhome. When you do go to Chandelier Tree, you will notice that all of the roads are not paved. They also have a very low speed limit. This is for you to enjoy the sights of their park. Be sure to take your time through Chandelier Tree and try and soak in as much as you can. When you do get to drive through Chandelier Tree, be sure to stop and take some pictures to take home with you. These mementos will be priceless and cherished for years to come. After you are done driving, park your car and see what you can explore by foot in the area.

Before you leave, be sure to explore their gift shop. Visitors before have noted how charming it is and filled with amazing things. You can find t-shirts, slices of trees as well as many other wood and tree-related items perfect for your home. Tight on room in the trunk? Ask about their mail orders.

As you can see, when you come to Northern California, you truly can have a bit of everything. We have the ocean so close as well as the forest and when you have something amazing like the Chandelier Tree, it’s hard to not want to stop by and visit. When you do come to Northern California, we hope that you will consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. We too have amazing ocean views from our property, as well as our rooms. In Mendocino, we also have lots of area activities, delicious restaurants, and interesting shops. Contact us today and book your room on your next visit to Northern California.

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Photo by Joshua Ganderson