Consult Our Locals' Guide When You Visit Mendocino

View of the Pacific Ocean from our Mendocino seaside cottagesSometimes you get an itch to travel. Most of us know this by the clever name, travel bug. We have all been bitten by it at some point in time. Sometime, due to life, we have to press snooze on our travel wants but eventually we have to say yes and travel. For some, we always go to the same places and enjoy activities and restaurants and shops that are there. However, sometimes it is a good idea to think outside the box and go somewhere you have never been before. We at Sea Rock Inn, as well as many other visitors and locals, recommend coming to visit Mendocino, CA.

When you think about going to a new town, there are some fears that creep into our minds. Usually they start with “what if”. What if there is nothing to do? What if the restaurants are bad? What if the weather is awful? While we can’t help you with the weather, we can assure you that when you visit Mendocino, all of your what if’s will dissipate quickly. How do we know this? We have an amazing locals guide perfect for any type of person who chooses to visit Mendocino.

Active Travelers Coming to Visit Mendocino

For those of you who are planning on coming to visit Mendocino and enjoy being active, you will be glad to know that Mendocino is the perfect place for you. There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors here when you visit Mendocino since we usually have very nice weather. One way to enjoy the outdoors is to visit a state park, like MacKerricher State Park. This park is a great way to see all of the different types of land that Mendocino has to offer. They have beach, bluff, headland, dune, forest and wetland as well as many different flowers and animals to go with them. Seals can often be seen sunning themselves on the rocks as well as many birds throughout the park. Another way to enjoy the outdoors when you visit Mendocino is to see it by water. Be sure to head over to Catch a Canoe for all of your rental needs whether it’s by land on bike or on the water in a kayak. Not sure where to go? Look into one of their guided tours.

Cultural Travelers Coming to Visit Mendocino

While we all like to be active, for some of us, when we visit Mendocino, we enjoy getting to know the town by it’s culture. Here in Mendocino, we love our arts just as much as we love being outside. Our art is influenced by our outdoor lifestyle and can be seen easily. One great place to tour when you decide to visit Mendocino is Anderson’s Alternatives. Their purpose is to re-use and re-claim wood to make something new from it. When you use a bit of your imagination, it’s amazing to see what you can come up with. They have furniture, slabs, and other handcrafted items that would be a wonderful addition to your home. At the heart of Mendocino arts is The Mendocino Arts Center where you will find not only galleries but art classes as well. A wonderful place to get a sense of the Mendocino locals as well as shop their art.

When you have so many things to do when you visit Mendocino, it’s always best to consult a guide so you can make informed choices in activities. We at Sea Rock Inn suggest that you consult our Vacation Guide where we have outlined these activities and many more including wineries, restaurants, and local shops. 

We at Sea Rock Inn enjoy having travelers who visit Mendocino from all over the world. We hope that our locals guide will help you when you decide to visit Mendocino. Also, when you decide to visit Mendocino, we hope that you will consider staying with us. Our beautiful B&B overlooks the Pacific Ocean with views that you can’t get anywhere else. Enjoy our cozy rooms filled with modern luxuries that will help your stay here be just like home. Contact our fantastic staff today and let us help you plan your next trip to visit Mendocino.

Photo by: Jumping Rocks Photography