Family Friendly Activities in Mendocino

When it comes to vacations, when you are a parent, there are two ways it could go. Either you can go on a vacation with your kids or without them. Each option has its pros and cons, but usually, it ends up being a lot more fun to bring the kids along. There are so many wonderful things to show them that it’s hard to fit everything in. The only main concern when choosing a destination is activities for your kids to do. Now, we all know that there are places out there that cater to children but then, what kind of vacation is that for the adults? We at Sea Rock Inn suggest a fantastic compromise: come see us! There are so many family friendly activities in Mendocino that it makes our area the perfect destination. Come check out some of our top ideas for family friendly activities in Mendocino.

One of the best things about our area is that there are so many outdoor family friendly activities in Mendocino. We have beaches, state parks, and more. One of the top ideas for family friendly activities in Mendocino is to head to the beach. One state park that is great for the beach is Mendocino Headlands State Park. They have a bit of everything there. They have trails that go by cliffs, they have gorgeous wildflowers, and, of course, the beach. If you have some time, head over to the Historic Ford House. This serves as the visitors center of the state park and also showcases many interesting exhibits of what Mendocino was like in the past.

If you are looking to explore the ocean or one of our rivers, you will love our next suggestion for family friendly activities in Mendocino, kayaking. We suggest heading over to Catch a Canoe and Bicycles Too and checking out their rentals. They have everything suggested in their name and more. Take a day and explore our area either by land or sea. They also have wonderful tours to choose from so you can get the most of Mendocino in a short amount of time. You never know what you might see while you are out exploring Mendocino.

Another idea for family friendly activities in Mendocino is to go mini-golfing. Head over to the mini golf course at the Emerald Dolphin Inn. You will find a fun game of 18 holes that are challenging and interesting. You will enjoy a breeze from the coast all while trying to keep your ball on the green, instead of the fountains. Once you are done, the fun continues inside at their arcade.

Our last suggestion for family friendly activities in Mendocino is to indulge with a sweet treat. There are so many places to enjoy something sweet, but we have to recommend Frankie’s. They have delicious ice cream, as well as many other things like espresso, pizza, beer, and wine. When they can, they strive to serve products that have wholesome ingredients in them. This is a great way to get to know our area and enjoy some delicious food at the same time.

As you can see, there are so many family friendly activities in Mendocino that our area is an easy choice when it comes to vacation destinations. When you do come to Mendocino, we hope that you will consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. We have many accommodation types perfectly suited for families as well as spectacular views. Each morning with us start your day with a delicious breakfast and then go out and enjoy Mendocino. Contact us today to book a room for your next trip here.

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