Everything You Need to Know About the Ford House Visitor Center and Museum

You may think that the most interesting history can only be found in big cities, and you would be mistaken! California has far more than gorgeous landscapes; it’s filled with history, and Mendocino, CA, has plenty of unique and historic places to explore! One of our favorites is the Ford House Museum. From the first settlers arriving on this far side of the country to nowadays, our beautiful state has many stories to tell. Visit the Ford House Museum to hear them all.


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Explore the Ford House Visitor Center and Museum


What Is the Ford House Museum?

The Ford House Visitor Center and Museum sits in the heart of Mendocino and is part of Mendocino Headlands State Park. (Be sure to explore the park if you have time!) The museum not only serves as a local landmark but also as a visitor’s center. It’s run by the Mendocino Area Parks Association.

The history of the Ford House Museum started in 1854, when its built for Jerome Bursley Ford and his wife. Ford was the founder of the Mendocino Lumber Company. At the time, lumber was a huge source of income for many Mendocino residents. This occupation is still intertwined in the town’s history.


What Can You See at the Museum?

The Ford house itself is a splendid example of what life looked like in the time of the first settlers in Mendocino. Be sure to stop by the permanent displays showcasing Pomo artifacts. The Pomo Indians settled this land and lived in the area 8,000 years before the first Mendocino settlers. Take time to admire old photographs and other relics that have been preserved throughout the years. You’ll see what life was like in Mendocino throughout many different eras!



One very popular exhibit at the Ford House Museum is the miniature town from 1890. It was made by Mendocino local Len Peterson. There are also seasonal exhibits that display information on native flora and fauna. If you want to schedule an in-depth tour of the Ford House Museum, don’t hesitate to contact the staff and arrange one before your trip!


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