Exploring the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is a Colorful Surprise

All over the world, there are places that are truly remarkable. And many adventurers long for that completely one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime experience that some of these unique gems can offer. You can discover such a place right here in Northern California near Sea Rock Inn. The area we are referring to is the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. This marvelous stretch offers travelers not only the chance to enjoy unparalleled views of the ocean but also to hunt for sea glass. These colorful bits of beautiful bliss line the beach in a dazzling prism when the sun is shining! Don’t miss your chance to discover the remarkable experience awaiting at the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg!

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How Did the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg Form?

One of the first things to ponder on is the history of the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. How did all of the sea glass get there? Astonishingly, one of the main contributing factors was trash. At one time, various trash and glass containers of all shapes and sizes were dumped over our seaside cliffs right into the ocean. This process of dumping garbage into the sea started in 1906 and continued for many years. What now is known as Glass Beach was actually a former dump site. In 1967, this process was discontinued when environmental concerns were realized. However, what happened over time was a nice surprise for all of us. When glass trash was thrown into the ocean, the water would break up the glass and churn it, while the sand smoothed out edges to give us the colorful treasures we see along the shoreline today.

Going to the Fort Bragg Glass Beach Today

Located in the MacKerricher State Park, the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg features some lovely areas to explore. The main attraction, of course, is the beautiful Glass Beach Trail. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture the colorful seashore that awaits! During your visit, we encourage you to look for your favorite sea glass colors, but please don’t take any. Preservation is key! There are many sparkling colors along the beach. Some are:

  • Blues- These are rare and could come from Milk of Magnesia, Vick’s Vapo Rub, Noxema, Nivea, and Bromo Seltzer bottles.
  • Lavenders and Pinks- Also rare, as they were once clear and have been changed by the sea.
  • Reds- These would come from perfume bottles or car tail lights.
  • Greens, Browns, Aquas- These are more common colors, as they came from beer bottles, soda bottles, and much more.
  • Fire Glass- These are the rarest, as they are sea glass that first went through a fire and often harbor other colors and substances within.

The Sea Glass Museum

Discover more about the sea glass you will find along these shores at the International Sea Glass Museum in Fort Bragg. There are over 3,000 pieces on display here, making this the world’s largest permanent sea glass exhibit. You will also find sea glass jewelry, wine stoppers, and a variety of terracottas as you learn more about the history of this unique substance. You can purchase some of these items in the jewelry store!

Stay at Nearby Sea Rock Inn

You can easily spend a full day enjoying the sights and sea glass at the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. This popular and romantic place for couples to go here in Mendocino is a worthwhile destination. If you decide to visit, then consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Like much of Northern California, our property is on the edge of a sea cliff, and many of our rooms have stunning views of the ocean. All of our private suites and cottages feature a variety of modern touches that provide an added level of comfort. Each morning, enjoy a delightful complimentary breakfast to start off your day. Then, see what other remarkable landmarks you can discover in Mendocino! Contact us today and start planning your next trip to Northern California.

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