Visit the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah

When it comes to cultural day trips away from Mendocino, there are plenty to choose from. We love celebrating our past and our culture and putting it on display for our locals and visitors. One special place in Ukiah that has won our hearts, the Grace Hudson Museum. This wonderful museum is a great place for the family to learn so much about our area. We at Sea Rock Inn love helping our guests figure out the best way to spend their time in the Mendocino area, even if it means spending some time away from it. We have visited the Grace Hudson Museum many times and would love to share with you why this museum is so amazing.

Why You Need to Visit the Grace Hudson Museum

Insider Information About This Historical Establishment

Grace Hudson Museum

The Grace Hudson Museum is a triple threat of a museum, it has art, history, and anthropology all housed in one place. The artist is Grace Hudson herself and she specialized in Western American art as well as Californian Indian cultures, especially the Pomo Indians that she was exposed to as a young child. Coupled with that is her husband, Dr. John W. Hudson who was an ethnologist. Ethnology is the subset of anthropology that studies and compares the differences in peoples and the relationship between different sets of peoples. This is where the history and the anthropology of the Grace Hudson Museum comes into play. The museum has been open since 1986 and is said to have more than 30,000 artifacts from different cultures, like historic photographs, manuscripts, and Pomo Indian artifacts. It’s easy to see why this is a much loved museum and has been so important through the years.

Pricing Information

The Grace Hudson Museum is open from 10 am to 4:30 pm on Wednesdays through Saturdays and on Sunday it is open from noon to 4:30 pm. The tickets are a steal at $4 for individuals, $3 for students and seniors, and families are $10. The first Friday of each month everyone gets in free. Members always get in free as well.

Tours & Exhibits

Inside the Grace Hudson Museum, there are four galleries. One is for Grace Hudson’s art, one for her family, and the last is for Pomo baskets. The last gallery keeps displays that change out every three to four months. You can also tour The Sun House. The Sun House is a beautiful Craftsman style bungalow that was designed and built with Grace and John Hudson. Her art and his collections can be found in there as well.

The rotating exhibit that is going on now is amazing. There are paintings up by Grace Hudson from her time in Hawaii in 1901. You will get a glimpse of what life was like in Hawaii in the early 20th century. You will also find other artists on display there that met Grace Hudson while she was in Hawaii. Be sure to check out their schedule to see what will be on display on the coming months.

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As you can see, coming to Mendocino can afford you to have a fun step back in time. Be sure to visit the Grace Hudson Museum when you come for a visit. When people do come to Mendocino, they love staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our breathtaking views from each of our rooms will have you feeling inspired yourself. Each of our rooms is impeccably decorated and will envelop you in comfort and luxury and help you drift off into a restful sleep. Once you awake, make your way over to have some delicious breakfast, a perfect way to start your day. Contact our fabulous staff today to book your trip to come see us.

Photo by: Grace Hudson Museum