Looking for Weekend Getaways from San Francisco? Try Mendocino!

weekend getaways from San Francisco Living in a wonderful city like San Francisco, you have many opportunities right at your fingertips. Some of the best restaurants and activities are in this fun city. Not only that but there are some amazing forests to explore as well. However, every once in a while it is fun to plan some weekend getaways from San Francisco. Being so close to many northern California towns, choosing the right place for your weekend getaways from San Francisco can be tough. May we suggest that you come see us at Sea Rock Inn in Mendocino? Only 3.5 hours away, just far enough to get out of town and close enough to make your weekend getaways from San Francisco fun and not all of it traveling. Not sure what to do while you are here in Mendocino? Here are some great ways to spend your day when you plan your weekend getaways from San Francisco to Mendocino.

The first activity you should think about when planning your weekend getaways from San Francisco to Mendocino is heading outdoors. While we are north of San Francisco our weather is usually amazing. One great place to explore is the Mendocino National Forest. The forest is 65 miles long and 35 miles across and has over 900,000 acres at your disposal. Some of the fun things you can do at the Mendocino National Forest are hiking, biking, OHV riding, fishing, hunting, and much more. Even if you are only available for a few hours, pack a picnic and eat and enjoy nature. There are many sections and trails to enjoy, some that are well laid out and others that are not so you can have fun whatever your trail knowledge is.

After spending some time outside be sure to make a stop at the Mendocino Art Center. This is a must see when planning weekend getaways from San Francisco to Mendocino. Locals and visitors love coming to the Mendocino Art Center for many reasons. They have beautiful galleries, classes and events that everyone loves attending. One of the best ways to get to know a new city is to discover it through their art. You will learn things you have never noticed before in each brush stroke. Before you leave, be sure to peruse their gift shop for a one of a kind piece of art to take home with you to remember your weekend getaways from San Francisco to Mendocino.

Another fun way to spend a few hours in Mendocino is to go shopping. We have some of the most interesting local shops and boutiques. We have everything from antiques to clothes, jewelry, amazing books on our local history, and one of our favorites, pieces of furniture made from redwood burl. Be sure to carve out some time for our shops when planning your weekend getaways from San Francisco to Mendocino.

The last way to truly enjoy a town is to eat at some of the best local restaurants in the town. There are so many to choose from that when planning  weekend getaways from San Francisco to Mendocino the choices can be a bit daunting. Here are a few that we love recommending to newcomers to our amazing town. Located just a short, and beautiful, drive in Albion is The Ledford House Restaurant. Their creative menu has a California base with delicious influences from the Mediterranean, Latin America, and Asia. They have many choices on their menu for even the most picky of eaters. The chefs also strive to buy their produce and meats from only farms that practice the highest of standards in sustainability. Another great option, especially for vegetarians, is Ravens at The Stanford Inn. They choose a farm to table model for this restaurant and their menu changes with the availability of amazing organic produce. Be sure to check out their site for their wonderful special menus and ethnic nights where they feature a special cuisine.

While all of these activities are amazing, top on your list for planning your weekend getaways from San Francisco to Mendocino is where to stay. Why not with us at Sea Rock Inn? Our gorgeous views are unparalleled and they draw our guests to relax in our yards and just sit and watch the ocean and our cliffs. You can even see our picturesque views from inside all of our wonderful rooms. Start each morning with a delicious breakfast home made each day. Ready to come see us? Contact our wonderful staff today and let us help you plan your first of many weekend getaways from San Francisco to Mendocino.

Photo by: Gregory Veen