These Are the Best Mendocino Activities for Your Visit

Sea Rock Inn PoliciesHere in Mendocino, it seems like we always have something going on. When you have the sea as well as the forest surrounding you, there is always something to celebrate. We at Sea Rock Inn love supporting our area with all of these amazing annual events and festivals by not only attending some of them but recommending them to our clients when they are here. The summers here in Mendocino offer so many great things to do so we wanted to help you by highlighting some of the best Mendocino activities that you can participate in while you are here.

Mendocino Activities-Festivals

Like we mentioned before, there are so many Mendocino festivals that go on here in the summer that it can be a lot of fun to have an extended trip to see more than one.

  1. A Taste of Redwood Valley– This festival happens only twice a year, Father’s Day and Christmas time. This Father’s Day event marks 25 years of A Taste of Redwood Valley. When you participate, you will get to see the best that our area can offer when it comes to food and wine. Be sure to check out their all-inclusive weekend tickets that include the dinner and the weekend full of wine tastings.
  2. Mendocino Music Festival– Our area of Mendocino is filled with the sweet sounds of all types of music for two weeks in July. Tickets to individual events are not expensive and the money raised goes back into the community as well. If you would like to learn more about it, check out our blog!
  3. Pure Mendocino– Keeping with the theme of wine and food, another amazing Mendocino activity is Pure Mendocino. In a time where we long to know where our food comes from, Pure answers the question. They highlight and celebrate the healthy community created around our region’s organic and Biodynamic® farms, vineyards and ranches The money from this event goes to support the Cancer Centers of Mendocino.
  4. Winesong– The end of summer is always marked with Winesong, an event that has been here for 32 years. This is a weekend filled with wine tastings, events, and wine auctions. The money made from the auction goes to help offset the costs at hospitals through the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation.

Other Mendocino Activities

You may be wondering how else to spend your time here in Mendocino and trust us, there are so many wonderful things to do! We at Sea Rock Inn have broken down the types of Mendocino activities that are available year round for our guests. We have gourmet Mendocino which will list out all of our favorite bars and restaurants for those of you who love to have only the best foods while traveling. Next, we have cultural Mendocino. Our area is filled with amazing art that not only shows you our past but our present as well. Lastly, we have tips for our active travelers. Being here in Mendocino makes you want to spend your time outdoors. We have the ocean and the stunning redwood forests nearby so be sure to check out all that we have to offer you.

We hope that our list of fun Mendocino activities has helped you determine what you would like to do the next time you are here. Anytime you are in the area, consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our rooms are arranged into Jr. Suites, Suites, and Cottages, all with the right amount of room and privacy. The decor in our rooms is simple and classic and in line with what we are known for. Enjoy the modern touches that are in each room, helping you relax and feel right at home. Each morning with us, join everyone for a wonderful breakfast before you start your day. Contact us today and start planning your next trip to Mendocino!

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