Explore Your Creativity with these Mendocino Art Center Classes

Mendocino Art Center classesFor some of us out there, art is our life. It’s what we surround ourselves with and what makes us happy. Those of us who know art lovers enjoy going to their homes to see what new and exciting piece they have bought as well as going to their choice of area art shows. Here in Mendocino we are surrounded by not only art lovers but amazing artists as well. We at Sea Rock Inn love visiting all of our local galleries and supporting our local artists. We also love helping our guests find new ways to experience the local art community. One activity we frequently recommend to our arts-centric guests is to sign up for one of the Mendocino Art Center classes. Let’s check out all of the fun learning that you can have when you decide to take one of the Mendocino Art Center classes.

The Mendocino Art Center is located very close to us at Sea Rock Inn and is a wonderful place to visit or take a class. They have classes available in 5 different mediums as well as an Open Studios time that has some tools and some supervision but no instruction. You might be thinking that a traveler such as yourself wouldn’t be able to take classes and you would be mistaken. There are plenty of Mendocino Art Center classes that are held over a weekend.

The first medium you can choose from is Ceramics. They have classes going until November and in a variety of forms. Have a look at these Mendocino Art Center classes and see which one would fit you best. Be sure to have a look at the required materials that you would need to supply before the class starts.

Another type of medium found at these Mendocino Art Center classes is Fiber Arts. These classes consists of painting or dyeing fabric. Some of these classes mix other mediums in as well like clay and paper and what you will be left with will be truly stunning. There are classes scheduled through November for this type of art and this is a great option for travelers as most of the classes are a couple of days and packing up your art to take back should be fairly easy.

Next up are the Mendocino Art Center classes that feature Fine Art. These classes are usually done with paint, but the teachers there love to mix it up with other mediums as well. There are a number of subjects featured at these Mendocino Art Center classes like florals, people, and animals.

Jewelry is up next as a selection of the Mendocino Art Center classes. There are many different types of jewelry classes to choose from and it is all based on your interest. They have some clay jewelry classes as well as many metal ones too. Take your skill to the next level with these teachers.

The last part of the Mendocino Art Center classes offered is Sculpture. Making a sculpture can be very personal and a lot of fun. The teachers at the Mendocino Art Center have focuses on a lot of different materials that can be used in sculptures so you can really pick what you would like to do. Many of these classes are multiple days so it would be best to choose this option when you can come for a long weekend.

As you can see we in Mendocino take art very seriously as well as love to have fun with it. We at Sea Rock Inn love having artists as guests and hope that when you choose one of these Mendocino Art Center classes that you will consider staying with us. Our views of the ocean are not only stunning but can be very inspiring. Our cozy and comfortable rooms will invite you to relax and have an incredible night’s sleep each night you are here with us. Each morning with us starts with a delicious breakfast to help you start your day right. Contact us today and come have a great trip with us at the Mendocino Art Center.

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Photo by Art Poskanzer