The Mendocino Art Center Offers Galleries, Events, and Classes

Mendocino Art CenterFor most of us, art is something that inspires us and impacts us. Seeing something like Monet’s Water Lilies in a museum is something that will stick with you forever. Along with that, seeing modern art will also leave a lasting impression. Art is a release for most, it helps get how we see the world out there for others to see. This can be in writing, painting, photography, sculpture, the list goes on. This same feeling can happen also in those who don’t make the art but buy it and proudly display it. For the visitors of Mendocino, CA, you are in for a treat when you visit the Mendocino Art Center. For us at Sea Rock Inn, we love visiting the Mendocino Art Center as well as recommend this center for our art loving friends and guests. Here is what you will find when you visit the Mendocino Art Center.

The Mendocino Art Center is truly one of a kind. Not only does it display arts and helps educate the public on different types of art, and artists, but it also succeeds in inspiring and fostering new artists within the community. They have classes and events all aimed at appreciating the arts. While you may think that the Mendocino Art Center only focuses on one or two different types of art mediums, you will be pleasantly disappointed. They are set up to help with 6 different types of art expressions and have around 200 workshops every year. They really are trying to keep the arts alive in the community.

Mendocino Art Center Classes for Spring 2015

The Mendocino Art Center has opened enrollment for 5 types of classes, ceramics, fiber arts, fine art, jewelry, and sculpture. Be sure to check out their site for specific classes, times, and prices. Another space that they open up is their Open Studios. This is a great place to tinker and figure out your craft. They bring the equipment, some supplies, and a teacher and you bring yourself and your ideas. The teacher is there to help oversee and answer any questions but will not give you any instruction.

Mendocino Art Center Events

The Mendocino Art Center always has an event going on, especially now with the holidays around the corner. This month they are having their annual Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts Fair as well as Mendocino Our Town in Art & Film, which is partnered with Mendocino Film Festival. One event that everyone looks forward to is the annual Black & White Ball, which will be held in February.

Mendocino Art Center Galleries

Until November 25th, the main gallery will host an exhibit on Mendocino Eco Artists, all to help benefit the Mendocino Area Parks Association. You will get to see some gorgeous views of the Mendocino area and what makes our town so beautiful. Be sure to check out their site to see who is coming up next as well as what is featured in their other galleries.

When you come to Mendocino, you first notice the landscape and the ocean and the friendly people. After a few trips, you begin to pick up on the subtle nuances that makes our town so unique, like the Mendocino Art Center. When visitors come to the area, they love staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. All of our rooms have spectacular views of the ocean and the comforts found inside each room will help you unwind and forget about your cares while you are here. Each morning you will be greeted with a delicious homemade breakfast that will help you start your day off right for a fun day of sight seeing. Contact our fabulous team today and book a fun trip to see us and be sure to spend some time at the Mendocino Art Center.

Photo by: Frank Kovalchek