Make Sure to Visit These Mendocino Art Galleries

Mendocino art galleriesThere is something about art, whether you create it or not, can do something amazing for our soul. You can look at a piece and it can take you to another place in time in your life and it can be so strange to have someone else create something that can speak to you so personally. Here in our Mendocino art galleries, the artists create something stunning and in many different types of mediums. We at Sea Rock Inn enjoy helping our guests find the perfect activities to suit their particular tastes and visiting our Mendocino art galleries is one of the top things on our list. Let us highlight some of the Mendocino art galleries that we enjoy visiting.

The first of our Mendocino art galleries that we want to mention is the Panache Gallery. This art gallery is located on Main Street and one of the aspects of this gallery that is so great is that it has just a little bit of everything. The mediums you will find in the Panache Gallery are glass, wood, paint, and metal. You will be able to find paintings in a range of styles from many artists that would be a welcome addition to your home. You could even find a fun piece of jewelry to add to your collection. Lastly, there are many sculpture artists that range from wood to glass as well as fabric and wire.

Anderson’s Alternatives are next in our tour of Mendocino art galleries. One part of our history is that our area was heavily used for lumber so naturally art evolved from it as well. You can find some amazing wood sculptures as well as furniture. At this gallery they use the wood around them as well as salvaged wood to make their pieces. You can find things as small as ornamental flowers to dining room table and chairs. You can also look at their wood bases that can be used as a table or as a piece on its own. Their wood products are truly stunning and reflect our area so well.

Also located on Main Street is Highlight Gallery. Of all of the Mendocino art galleries, this one prides itself on showcasing at least 200 regional and national artists. In the Highlight Gallery, you can find 7 different types of art which include, furniture, ceramics, glass, fine art, turned wood, jewelry/textiles, and sculpture. When it comes to furniture you can find bigger pieces like dining room tables to smaller pieces like hallway tables. For fine art, you can find either paintings, photography or prints. When you decide to go to the Highlight Gallery, you can easily spend a few hours just admiring all of the pieces.

The last of our fantastic Mendocino art galleries we want to show is the Mendocino Art Center. This is not only a gallery but also a wonderful place for locals or visitors to take classes and improve their techniques. Besides their galleries and classes, be sure to check out their events. They have some amazing receptions and exhibitions and auctions that are a lot of fun. While you are there, we suggest going to each gallery to get a different view of the type of Mendocino art that we have locally.

It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy coming to our area for our wonderful Mendocino art galleries. When you do decide to come to Mendocino, we hope you will stay with us at Sea Rock Inn. Just like most of these Mendocino art galleries, we also have stunning views of the ocean that lures guests outside. You can enjoy these views from your room, just outside of it, or on our property. Each of our rooms is decorated in a calm and relaxing way and our beds are topped with luxurious linens all to help lull you to sleep in a matter of moments. Enjoy breakfast each morning with other guests and be on your way to your chosen activities. Contact us today and let us help you plan a wonderful tour of our Mendocino art galleries.

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Photo by Larry Miller