Which Mendocino Beach is the Best?

When you think about coming to California, one of the first things on everyone’s mind is the beach. It’s hard not to think about it when the state is so vast and there are hundreds of miles of beaches to choose from. While you may only think beaches are abundant in Southern California, we at Sea Rock Inn are here to let you know that there are plenty of beaches here in Mendocino in Northern California. If you ask any local, they will all have their favorites but which Mendocino beach is the best? Well, that is up to you and what you love about a beach. Let us show you a few of our area beaches so you can decide for yourself!

Discover Your Favorite Mendocino Beach on Your Vacation

1. Jug Handle State Natural Reserve

If you are a history buff then of all of the Mendocino beaches, you will love this one the most. What makes it amazing is not only the trails that lead to the beach, which is stunning but their Ecological Staircase. Over the course of time, the land has been cut away from a glacier, the waves, tectonic activity, and more that has made these steps, each a piece of time preserved.

2. Navarro River State Park and Beach

For those of you who enjoy the forest as well as the beach, then Navarro River Redwoods State Park will be a great choice for you. You get there via Highway 128 and you are first greeted with 11 miles of amazing redwood trees that eventually guide you to the Navarro River. When you get there you will be struck by how peaceful it is. This area is a haven for many area critters, kayakers, fishermen, and more. Enjoy a cool dip on a hot day here at Navarro.

3. Russian Gulch State Park

Located just a couple of miles from Mendocino on Highway 1. While Russian Gulch State Park has a beach, going there isn’t the only thing to do while you are there. There are some fantastic trails for you to walk as well as one of the highlights, the Devil’s Punchbowl. The incessant pounding of the waves from the Pacific created an inland tunnel and a hole that is still being dug today. It’s a great place to experience nature at work.

4. Van Damme State Park

For those of you who like to walk as well as relax on the beach, then Van Damme is the Mendocino beach for you. There is a wonderful Pygmy Forest where cypress and pine trees only grow a few feet tall. Walk the miles of trails and then spend some time on their beach which is popular with abalone divers.

5. Glass Beach

There is nothing like Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach. Not only is it a breathtaking view but this beach is unlike any of our Mendocino beaches. Everyday glass is washed up on shore that has been molded by the ocean and each day different colors wash up. You will find reds, blues, browns, clear glass. After you are done, be sure to have a picnic!

6. Mendocino Headlands State Park

The last of our Mendocino beaches brings you to the heart of downtown Mendocino, Mendocino Headlands State Park. At their visitor’s center enjoy historical exhibits about the town, and learn about walks that happen there. There are wonderful trails that criss-cross all over this state park and then be sure to head down to the beach. It is popular with locals and travelers and can have a wide beach during low tide.

Relax Together at Sea Rock Inn

When it comes to beaches, not only do we have plenty but our Mendocino beaches are perfect for everyone. Our beaches are one of the reasons why many people enjoy coming to our area. When you do decide to come to Mendocino, consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our B&B is located right on the coast and convenient to all of these beaches as well as area restaurants and other activities. Our rooms are spacious and decorated in a light California style that is simple and relaxing. Each morning, join us for a delightful breakfast that will help you get going for a day on the beach. Contact us today to start planning your next trip to Mendocino!

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