5 Stops You Need to Make on the Mendocino Coast

view of the Mendocino Lighthouse with overlaying text saying download our free vacation guideAre you looking for inspiration for your trip to Northern California? If you want to explore the beauty and wonder of the Mendocino coast! In this blog, we’ll tell you about five unique activities you can try while staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. They will make your trip even more magical! You can also download our free Vacation Guide for even more recommendations. Discover our favorite restaurants, events, museums, shops, and outdoor adventures!

Explore the Mendocino Coast and These 5 Must-See Destinations!


Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

If you want to marvel at the natural beauty of Mendocino, then the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens are ideal. Follow the trails that take you to individual gardens and enjoy spectacular views of the ocean. You can also bring binoculars with you and go bird watching! This is a popular spot to do so, and you’re sure to see a wide variety of species.

Mendocino Headlands State Park

Mendocino Headlands State Park is perfect for nature lovers and history buffs. Start your outing at the historic Ford House that serves as the visitor’s center. Then, meander along the coast and make your way down to the beach. We recommend bringing a basket with your favorite foods and having a picnic on the beach! Just make sure you wear a jacket, as it can get windy and chilly.

Glass Beach

Mendocino beaches are all beautiful in their own way, but there’s one that outshines them all — quite literally! The Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is only 15 minutes away from Sea Rock Inn and is made up of colorful, broken glass that has been smoothed by the sand. Now, the beach looks as if it’s carpeted in precious gems! Don’t forget to stop by the International Sea Glass Museum, too, before you leave.


Sea Caves

You don’t need to stay on the land to experience the best of the Mendocino Coast. How about changing your perspective and hopping in a kayak? You’ll get to see magnificent sea caves, feel the salty ocean air, and admire the horizon while paddling away with your loved ones.

The Coast of Fort Bragg

Finally, take it slow and enjoy a nice, leisurely walk in the nearby town of Fort Bragg. The Ten Mile Haul Road can be accessed from the north or the south end and offers beautiful views of the region as well as the history behind it. In fact, the “Haul Road” name came from Mendocino’s logging days!

Sea Rock Inn Is the Best B&B on the Mendocino Coast

View of the property facing the ocean under orange skyDid you know that you can enjoy beautiful views of the Mendocino Coast right from our property? Sea Rock Inn is facing the Pacific Ocean and offers the peace and serenity you need when you escape to Mendocino.

Start your evening on our lawn with a glass of delicious, local wine. You can relax in our lush garden, the retreat to one of our cozy guest rooms. Take a long shower, slip into a complimentary robe, snuggle up by the fireplace, and dream the night away on a plush mattress. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll find a delicious breakfast waiting for you in our dining room!


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