Do You Know How Important Art is to Mendocino History?

There are some places here in America that are so filled with history that you can’t escape it. You can learn from the stories and lives of others and much of it is still relevant in our daily lives. We are enchanted with our own Mendocino history and enjoy sharing those stories with our guests as well as suggesting things to do or places to go to learn more about our incredible area. While you can see our Mendocino history through museums and exhibits, another way to experience it is through our art. Come and see how you can explore our past and present at these great museums and galleries.

Mendocino History at Our Local Museums

There are 3 fantastic local museums that you can go to to see a bit about our Mendocino history. The first is the Ford House Museum. This is not just a museum but a welcome center as well and is located at Mendocino Headlands State Park. This museum is on the National Historic Register and is a delight to visit. When you go you will be able to see exhibits featuring the early settlers life here in Mendocino and the Pomo Indians that were here as well. Be sure to stop by the scale model of what the town looked like in 1890. If you have a chance, walk along the coast at the park for not only a great view but a chance to reflect on the history you learned. Our next museum that you should consider going to is Kelley House Museum. This museum is located downtown and while their exhibits should be seen, one activity you should consider participating in is their historic walks. They are led by those who know a lot about Mendocino history, more than just the facts, but also the meeting places of residents and why we have a certain style of home. They know many facts, stories, and a few secrets that you won’t learn anywhere else. The last museum that we want to mention is a perfect segue from history to historical art, the Grace Hudson Museum. Grace Hudson was an American painter who spent her life painting and documenting the life of the Pomo Indians. When you go to the museum, you will see not only her art but the history of the Pomo Indians as well. They always have fantastic rotating exhibits so you will frequently learn something new. She was one of the first here in Mendocino that documented our history through art and began the town’s life long love of both history and art.

Mendocino History at Our Local Galleries

The first gallery that you should consider going to is Anderson’s Alternatives. If you are familiar with our area, you will know that one big part of our Mendocino history is logging. If you are looking for a piece of Mendocino history in your home, then we suggest having a look at their pieces. All of the wood is reclaimed or sustainably salvaged to ensure that generations to come can enjoy the trees as well. Next up is the Mendocino Art Center. This hub of Mendocino art welcomes artists as well as students to learn as well as create and appreciate the art around them. They offer classes and exhibits in many different mediums and also feature a great gift shop. Last is the Highlight Gallery. They feature artists from the regional area in many different mediums as well from photography to painting, glass to jewelry. Be sure to join them the second Saturday of each month for their artist receptions.

As you can see, there are so many ways to learn and love our Mendocino history and art when you visit here. Whenever you decide to plan a trip to Mendocino, consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our beautiful B&B is located on the coast. Many of our accommodations have stunning views and many guests enjoy having a glass of wine on our property and watching the sun set. We have suites and cottages perfect for any traveler. They are decorated in our California style and are filled with modern touches to ensure that you have a relaxing stay. Contact us today and enjoy a fun filled trip to California.

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