Mendocino is One of the Great Northern California Coastal Towns

Northern California coastal townsFor a lot of us, we choose our vacation destinations at first by a fleeting thought and then, as the idea takes shape, we research more and more until we have decided exactly where we want to go. For the most part, we think about places we have never been before and somewhere we want to explore. When thinking about your next trip, consider coming to one of the best Northern California coastal towns, Mendocino. Our fantastic town has it all when it comes to best Northern California coastal towns and we at Sea Rock Inn would like to show you all of the fun activities as well as amazing restaurants that you can enjoy while you are here.

When researching which of the Northern California coastal towns that you are thinking of visiting, the first thing we all search for are things to do. No one goes on vacation to a new town and expects to sit in their room the whole time. Here in Mendocino, we have something for everyone. Because of our temperate year round climate, our locals and visitors enjoy outdoor activities whenever they can. One of the reasons that makes Mendocino one of the best Northern California coastal towns is because we have a great mix of the sea and the forest. Thinking about visiting one of our beaches? A top pick is Mendocino Headlands State Park. This park has trails, the beach, and a lovely historic home to help visitors learn about our interesting past. There is something to do in each season. In the winter, enjoy watching the migration of the whales, in the spring, wildflowers cover the trails, summer is filled with beach lovers, and the fall, we are all just glad the temperatures have dropped a bit again to enjoy a nice walk. If you are looking for our famous redwood trees, then look no further than Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve. This park is a bit off the beaten path and is a great place to enjoy the redwood forests along one of their many trails. Be sure to bring a picnic so you can take your time going through this wonderful park. If you are looking for more redwoods, less walking, and a little history thrown in, then we suggest you check out the Skunk Train. This open air train will let you see the most forests with the least amount of effort. Be sure to check out their many different trips for a truly enjoyable experience through some of the Northern California coastal towns.

For some of us, we enjoy learning all about the Northern California coastal towns that we visit. We in Mendocino enjoy sharing our rich history with everyone. One of the best places to learn and understand about us is at the Kelley House Museum. Their main goal is to preserve, collect, and share the history of Mendocino. There are many options on how this can be achieved. You can go on one of their walking tours, check out a Sunday afternoon talk, or just observe their exhibits. Another way to learn about one of the Northern California coastal towns is by experiencing their art scene. The art here in Mendocino is rich with history of modern life as well as life ages in the past. A great place to explore this is at the Partners Gallery. The gallery is run by Mendocino artists who rotate out exhibits of all sorts of mediums. All of the art is for sale and is a great way to take a piece of Mendocino home with you. Be sure to check out their featured exhibits and artists.

One of the other top things we think about when choosing which Northern California coastal towns we want to visit is where to eat. When you are on the coast, all of your food should be fresh and delicious and here in Mendocino, it is. If you are looking for a nice nigh out while you are here then we suggest 955 Restaurant. The chefs strive to use the freshest and most organic food available and is shown in their amazing dishes. There is something for everyone from vegetarian dishes, to pasta dishes, and of course seafood dishes. This is a must-see restaurant. If you are looking for a delicious lunch, then you have to try Mendo Burgers. They have a variety of items available on their menu including burgers, hot dogs, as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes. A local staple, Mendo Burgers is a great place to stop and re-fuel for the second half of your day.

When you have so many great aspects about this town, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Mendocino when thinking about which of the many Northern California coastal towns they want to visit. When you do choose Mendocino, consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Located on the cliffs, our B&B is unique to the Northern California coastal towns. What also sets us apart is our amazing service. We are dedicated to ensuring our guests have an amazing time while they are with us. This starts with check in and goes until the last breakfast of your check out day. Our rooms all have incredible views as well as modern luxuries that entice you to want to stay just a tad longer. Contact our wonderful staff today and let us help you choose us out of the many Northern California coastal towns for your next vacation.

Photo by: Hitchster