You Need To Take an Unforgettable Adventure to the Best Mendocino Lighthouses

We can all agree that the United States is filled with countless amazing sights to see. Many of them point back decades in history and send you a flashback to the past. As locals on the California coast, one of our favorite sights to see is lighthouses. You may think that many of the nation’s lighthouses reside on the East Coast, but we have our fair share here in Mendocino, California. Here at Sea Rock Inn, we always suggest visiting the Mendocino lighthouses for our guests, and it never disappoints.   

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Visit Two Stunning Mendocino Lighthouses 

Before we give you the inside scoop on our local Mendocino lighthouses, we want to share a great resource with you to help you discover lighthouses in CA and the rest of the country—Lighthouse Friends. The guys and gals at Lighthouse Friends love seeing these historical places and sharing their knowledge with others. You can search by state, as well as by features that are special to each lighthouse. Such as, are they photogenic, haunted, open to the public, handicapped accessible, offer a parking lot, etc. Be sure to explore their website whenever you want to see any of our Mendocino lighthouses or any other one around the nation. 

Point Cabrillo Light Station 


The Point Cabrillo Light Station is located between Mendocino and Fort Bragg on Highway 1 and is one of the most breathtaking structures in the area. It sits on a scenic cliff, so we highly suggest that you bring your camera. Built in 1908, the Point Cabrillo Light Station is a part of the California State Historical Parks. It was integral to the safety of the lumber ships that went up and down the coast in the past. 

The classic 3rd order Fresnel lens at this Point Cabrillo is unique since it was built by the Chance Brothers in England. There are only two other similar lighthouses in the country. It’s extremely powerful and still acts as an active-duty Aid to Navigation 

When you visit, you will have a chance to explore the light station and the grounds. Be sure to check out their hiking trails! You’ll find all sorts of marine life, such as whales, harbor seals, and sea lions. 

Point Arena Lighthouse 


The next stop on our tour of Mendocino lighthouses is Point Arena Lighthouse. This beacon is a sight to see and offers beautiful grounds as well. Point Arena juts out into the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by water on three sides, offering a truly panoramic view of the water.  

Once you climb to the top of this serene lighthouse, you will not want to come down. With outstanding views, it’s no wonder they have so many special events and weddings at its location. Guided and self-guided tours are offered at the museum, tower, and grounds. Point Arena Lighthouse is open every day, so be sure to add this Mendocino lighthouse to your itinerary. 

Unwind at Sea Rock Inn 

Mendocino Film FestivalAs you can see, Mendocino is a beautiful place to visit, especially if you love lighthouses. When you decide to visit our breathtaking coast, we hope you will stay with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our stunning B&B is located just off Highway 1 and is in prime between these two lighthouses.    

Like the historic lighthouses, our inn is also located on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. Our rooms and grounds offer ocean views you have to see to believe! Within your accommodations, you will find our decor to be simple and reflective of our area. We have deluxe amenities in each room to make sure your stay with us is just like home.  

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