Attend the Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival

Calling all food connoisseurs! Here in Mendocino, we appreciate wonderful cuisines, seasonal delicacies, and artfully prepared meals, each of which includes the freshest ingredients. To commemorate our comestible culture, many food events and tasting extravaganzas are held every year. One of the most popular celebrations is the Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival in November. At this nine-day culinary showcase, you’ll have the rare opportunity to taste locally grown mushrooms, craft brews, and pressed-to-perfection grapes. Whether you enjoy either of these three delights or wish to try something new, you’re sure to satisfy your food cravings at this remarkable event.Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival

Once you’ve treated yourself to the exceptional provisions at the Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival, carve out some time to enjoy what our Northern California destination has to offer. By requesting a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide to Mendocino, you’ll receive our top recommendations for seasonal Mendocino events, outdoor adventures, exceptional restaurants, and historical sites. As you browse our travel planner, answer the question of “Where to stay?” when you review the section dedicated to the charming accommodations and deluxe amenities at Sea Rock Inn!

How to Enjoy the Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival

This wonderful mushroom festival in California remains one of the most beloved events by both locals and visitors alike. Before you go, use our insider’s information to make the most of your time at this year’s Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival!

Outdoor Experiences to Try

During this year’s Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival, enjoy fascinating activities in the four communities of Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Hopland, and Little River. While there is an assortment of indulgent ways to enjoy the savory delicacies, here are a few of our favorite ways to immerse yourself in our surrounding nature.

Ross Ranch

Nothing brings you closer to understanding how precious mushrooms are in the Mendocino community quite like seeing them in their native habitat. On a leisurely horseback ride with Ross Ranch, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to travel down the winding trails through the Redwood Forest. You can also choose from a peaceful journey on the stunning Mendocino Coast or in the nearby mountains. If you wish to delight in this activity, make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance!


Kayaking in Mendocino affords you the unique opportunity to gain a different perspective on our scenic region. During the Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival, book one of the best tours with Catch-A-Canoe to explore the Big River Estuary. If you prefer to admire the coast from the land, rent of the bikes to see the bluffs and ride down the old logging routes.

The Stanford Inn

If you wish to get a closer look at mushrooms in the wild, reserve your spot on one of the informative Mushroom Exploration Tours with Stanford Inn. Join Adrienne Long, a local mycological expert, for a 2-hour foraging expedition. If you wish to enjoy a private tour, contact the staff today to set up your specific accommodations.

What to Indulge In

During the Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival, you’ll find fantastic tasting and sampling experiences. Each of these plated meals boasts freshly-harvested mushrooms and other delicacies perfectly paired with a glass of exquisite wine from a local vineyard or a beer from a craft brewery. Reserve your spot to gorge on these exceptional provisions!

Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival

Mushroom Cooking Class

Nothing can be more fun than a cooking class at Assaggiare in Mendocino! When you enroll, you’ll be taught how to prepare these wonderful delights in a variety of ways, courtesy of Julia Conway and her culinary expertise. You’ll also pair each dish with a glass of vino.

Beer and Mushroom Tasting

We all know that mushrooms go wonderfully with wine, but how about with beer? Participate in an exciting sampling experience with Executive Chef Marc Dym and Russian River Brewing Company Brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo. Reservations are required for this exclusive Beer and Mushroom Tasting at Little River Inn in Mendocino.

Cowlick’s Ice Cream

If you are looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth, head over to Cowlick’s Ice Cream. This delightful creamery offers some of the finest flavors to try, including butter pecan, caramel, and black forest. Throughout the Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival, you’ll have the rare opportunity to taste mushroom ice cream, one of the interesting desserts.

Unwind at Sea Rock Inn

Once you’ve experienced the Mendocino Mushroom, Wine and Beer Festival, make the scenic drive down the Mendocino Coast back to our cliffside bed and breakfast. We offer a gorgeous selection of beautifully appointed accommodations, each of which boasts views of the Pacific Ocean, offers comfortable bedding, and features an abundance of natural light. When you wake with us, you’ll be greeted by the mesmerizing Mendocino fog rolling in from the cliffs on your way to our Breakfast Room for a gourmet meal. Book your getaway with Sea Rock today to enjoy what our breathtaking region has to offer tomorrow!