Enjoy Mendocino National Forest Backpacking for a Day

view of the Mendocino Lighthouse with overlaying text saying download our free vacation guide One of the best things about living in Mendocino is our fantastic weather. Because of this, we are afforded the wonderful opportunity of being able to spend a lot of our free time outdoors. There are so many amazing things to see here in Mendocino that it may take you a few trips here to begin to experience it all. At Sea Rock Inn, we have a beautiful property that overlooks the ocean that attracts many of our visitors to spend their time with us outdoors. If you are looking for more of an adventure, we suggest Mendocino National Forest backpacking for a day. Let’s see what we can discover while we are there.


About Mendocino National Forest

Before we get into where you can do some Mendocino National Forest backpacking, let’s talk about the Mendocino National Forest in general. It is located in northwestern California close to the Coastal Mountain Range, which is a perfect day trip from Mendocino as it is only a few hours away.  It is 65 miles long and 35 miles wide and has over 900,000 acres full of fun activities. For Mendocino National Forest backpacking, the area is broken into 5 areas, all with many trailheads and things to see.


Mendocino National Forest Backpacking Areas


Areas Without Trails

The first Mendocino National Forest backpacking area we want to tell you about is Sanhedrin Wilderness. This particular area is over 10,000 acres. Take your time and be on the lookout for some gorgeous fir species as well as owls, bears, and deer.  The best place to start is from the Big Signal Peak lookout. 

The next region in our list of Mendocino National Forest backpacking areas is Yuki Wilderness. This area is over 50,000 acres and in the spring showcases one of the most beautiful wildflower displays in the area. While backpacking, you should come to the Middle Fork, Eel Wild, and Scenic River which is home to trout and salmon. This area also does not have established trails nor much drinking water. 

Areas With Trails

Snow Mountain Wilderness is next in our list of Mendocino National Forest backpacking areas. This area is 37,000 acres and is close to the North Coast Range with its pinnacle being Snow Mountain. There are 7 trailheads in this Mendocino National Forest backpacking area. To name a few, Bathhouse Trailhead, Bear Wallow Trailhead, Cold Creek Trailhead, and Deafy Glade Trailhead.

One Mendocino National Forest backpacking area that is slightly different is Stonyford Recreation Area. This area has miles of Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle routes available as well. The elevation can change from 1,700 feet to 6,000 feet in this area. Along with this change in elevation is the variation of vegetation you will see.

The last on our list of Mendocino National Forest backpacking areas is the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness area. This Mendocino National Forest backpacking area is by far the largest at a total of over 150,000 acres. When you explore this area you will see beautiful fir, pine, and cedar trees. This area is just as abundant in wildlife as well with turkeys, black bears, squirrels, mountain lions, and coyotes. There are ten trailheads to choose from in this area. Some of those are Asa Bean Trailhead and Blands Cove Trailhead.


Relax at Sea Rock Inn

View of the property facing the ocean under orange skyAfter spending a day enjoying the Mendocino National Forest backpacking areas, the only thing you will want to do is relax. Come stay with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our cozy rooms or suites provide the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable vacation. Our amazing views, delicious breakfast, and unbeatable service will have you wanting to stay with us each time you come to Mendocino. Add a relaxing spa service to soothe your muscles after a long day of hiking. Ready to start planning your trip? Be sure to download our Mendocino Vacation Guide to see everything else there is to do in the area. Finally, contact our amazing staff today to book your next trip to Mendocino.