Things to do in Mendocino National Forest

One thing is pretty clear when it comes to spending time in California: the outdoors are beautiful. When you have amazing weather almost all year, it’s hard not to venture outside. We at Sea Rock Inn love spending as much time outdoors as we can and encourage our guests to do so as well. And one of our favorite ways to appreciate California nature is to head to the Mendocino National Forest. These are our top 4 reasons why we love going to the Mendocino National Forest.Mendocino National Forest

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It’s Vast and Enchanting

The first reason we love recommending the Mendocino National Forest is that it is huge. You may be wondering why we would recommend a place that would take days, if not weeks, to discover all its secrets. Our answer is because you can truly discover something new each and every time you go! The Mendocino National Forest is truly vast. It is 65 miles long and 35 miles wide, covering 900,000 acres. These acres feature forests, canyons, and mountains- all ready for you to discover.

Outdoor Activites You Will Love

That brings us to the next reason why we love the Mendocino National Forest. There are many different types of activities you can enjoy.  Go hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, hunting, off-roading, and more. These activities are all in different places throughout the park. So, be sure to check out their interactive map so you can get a good idea of where to go for your chosen expedition.

Bring Your Camera

While you are out enjoying all of the fun activities in Mendocino National Forest, don’t forget your camera! The Mendocino National Forest is perfect for photography. Imagine being able to capture your perfect day in nature in a photograph that will remind you of it for years to come! If you are going to the Mendocino National Forest to discover specific wildlife, then be sure to visit the Nature Viewing page. It will point you in the right direction.

Go Hiking

The last reason why we love the Mendocino National Forest is for its hiking. You can explore for an hour, an afternoon, or the whole day. There are so many miles of trails available to you at the Mendocino National Forest to select from. Plan your journey by location or the sites you can see along your route. Be sure to notice the trail difficulty as well. 

After Your Mendocino National Forest Adventures

With such amazing outdoor activities, like those at the Mendocino National Forest, it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy not only calling Mendocino their home but also one of their top vacation spots. And visitors also love the beautiful views and comfortable rooms, suites, and cottages at Sea Rock Inn! Not to mention our delicious breakfast each morning. Contact our amazing staff and book a trip to see us soon. The great California outdoors await!

Photo by: Craig Howell