Mendocino Stories Celebrates Art in All Its Forms

There is a great arts scene here in Mendocino, CA. From music to poetry to visual artists, the creativity abounds in our little slice of coastal paradise. Mendocino Stories is a great organization that compiles the talents of a variety of local artists and their endeavors. Kindred spirits gather to create and inspire within our wonderful arts community. During your stay at the Sea Rock Inn, we highly encourage attending one of Mendocino Stories’ events to discover a flourishing talent in our quaint seaside town.

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There are a variety of different artistic genres represented by Mendocino Stories. One category is for storytellers. There are quite a few authors involved with this organization. The list includes Lydia Rand, a Paris-born poet and free spirit. She traveled around the world in a VW bus at one point, exploring the continent before settling in Aspen, CO, and then Mendocino, CA. Rand’s work has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals, and magazines. Another author in the mix is James Maxwell. This Mendocino author has a memoir that chronicles an enthralling local history. Maxwell is also an artist. His large seagull paintings and fairy tale panels are a few of his works, further highlighted in his memoir.


The multi-talented artisans at Mendocino Stories are in no short supply. In the visual arts category, we have Robert Treaster, who owned and operated the “This is Not Art” gallery in Mendocino for 11 years. He has been a practicing artist for over 35 years and is now heavily involved with the Mendocino Art Center! Another talented local artist is Vicki Fraser, who practices embroidery, lacemaking, and rugmaking. She had a 9-month residence at the Mendocino Art Center, during which she created the displayed “Earth Rug.” She also has broadened her skills with mushroom and indigo dying.


Another important artistic genre represented at Mendocino Stories is music. There are many talented local musicians who play a variety of instruments. Pattie DeMatteo is a local singer and songwriter who is a member of two harmony groups and a ‘58 Gibson strummer. TWELV30 is a rock, country blues, surf, punk, and folk band just to name a few genres they cover with a ‘70s California overlay. Kevin and the Coconuts is another favorite Mendocino band, with tenor lead pan and 55-gallon steel drums to creative a festive island sound.

Mendocino Stories Events

You can check the online calendar to discover when Mendocino Stories is hosting a new event. There are a variety of events featured throughout the year, including dance parties, music performances, poetry readings, photography exhibits, and more! If there is one occurring while you are in town, we highly encourage a visit to discover what this local arts organization has to offer!

Enjoy the Inspirational Views at Sea Rock Inn During Your Mendocino Visit

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