4 Mendocino Vineyards You Must Visit

Mendocino vineyardsFor some of us, there is nothing better than a great glass or two of wine. While for the longest time wine came to us from far off places, California is quickly taking up residence as the foremost place to enjoy wine. For decades, people have loved traveling to California and going on wine tours. Trying delicious wines from various regions as well as eating at equally amazing restaurants is a wonderful way to spend a romantic trip with your partner or a fun getaway with friends. We at Sea Rock Inn have many different Mendocino vineyards that we recommend to our guests. Come see our top 4 Mendocino vineyards that would make for an excellent wine tasting tour.

The first stop on your tour of Mendocino vineyards should be Navarro Vineyards in Philo. They are a small grower and have been growing grapes for wine as well as grape juice since 1974. At Navarro, they have a great selection of dry white wines, red wines, rosé wines and sweet white wines. Tours at Navarro are a great idea at any point of the year. In each season, you will see something different happening on the vines and learn more about how the family operates this Mendocino vineyard as naturally as possible. Tours are offered at 10:30 am and 2 pm. Be sure to bring a picnic to enjoy with your wine after the tour is over.

Stay in Philo for our next stop on our tour of Mendocino vineyards at Husch Vineyards. This is another small, family-owned operation and is the oldest winery in the Anderson Valley. They have 22 different wines that the growers carefully harvest grapes for, in order to keep the bottles consistent from vintage to vintage. Be sure to plan a tour at Husch as their tours are not only informative and tasty, but fun too in their converted barn that serves as their tasting room. They are open 7 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm (winter) or 6 pm (summer).

Goldeneye Winery is next in our favorite of local vineyards. They are a slightly bigger winery, as they are a part of a larger group of vineyards in Napa Valley as well as Washington. Goldeneye likes to focus on making the best Pinot Noir varietals in the Anderson Valley and after you have one sip, you will see that they are doing a fantastic job. When you decide to visit Goldeneye, you will have a few tasting options to choose from. You can go with their regular tastings where you will get a great look at many of their wines. If you would like something a tad extra, reserve a spot for an Elevated Tasting Experience. This is where you will get a more personal explanation of the wines as well as delicious food pairings.

The last stop on our tour of vineyards in Mendocino is Roederer Estate. They specialize in sparkling wines that will please any palate. This amazing vineyard takes precious care of their vines in order to extract the best from them. This care can be tasted in every sip of their wonderful wines. There are tours of the Roederer Estate available as well as tastings. You will love the simple rustic vibe that you get from the vineyard and its staff.

The only way to top off a tour of Mendocino vineyards is to have dinner afterward at an amazing Mendocino restaurant. We at Sea Rock Inn have many suggestions on those as well as other area activities in our Vacation Guide. When you do decide to take a tour of our many are vineyards, we hope that you will stay with us at Sea Rock Inn while you are here. Our gorgeous views of the ocean are something to behold from your own room or on our grounds. Our suites and cottages are perfect for romantic weekends away and are filled with every modern luxury you could want. Contact us today and let us help you plan a wonderful stay and a trip to our Mendocino vineyards.