Spotlight: 10 of the Best Mendocino Wineries and Vineyards You Need to Visit

view of a road leading into the Redwood forest and the tall trees with overlaying text saying download our free vacation guideAs you dream about your trip to Northern California, what comes to your mind? For us at Sea Rock Inn, we think of the breathtaking landscape, exceptional eateries, and of course, the marvelous Mendocino wineries and vineyards of Anderson Valley. Just a short drive from Santa Rosa, this 15,000-acre wine lover’s paradise offers an off-the-beaten-path tasting experience. Delight in the regionally inspired flavors of vino from one of the many wine destinations!

If you want to customize your experience at the many Mendocino wineries and vineyards, ask about our Wine Tour Package. You’ll board one of the exclusive luxury vehicles at Mendo Wine Tours and enjoy a guided tour of the region’s award-winning boutique wineries for the day. Local wine guides lead you in style to sample blends from the best and least known of California’s North Coast vintners. A gourmet lunch will be provided al fresco at one of the wineries. Your visits include barrel and reserve tastings, behind-the-scenes tours, discussions with the winemakers, and discounted case pricing. You will also be able to purchase limited production wines not available to the general public!

Our Favorite Mendocino Wineries and Vineyards to Try

Many of our guests rave about their favorite reasons for visiting Mendocino County, and the extensive collection of boutique Mendocino wineries and vineyards always tops the list. Here are our recommendations for the best places to delight in a glass of savory vino!

Balo Vineyards

Philo, CA

Balo Vineyards is one of the best wineries in Anderson Valley. This charming winery remains one of the best places for a Mendocino wine tasting for its picturesque views of the Navarro River and exquisite blends to try. Enjoy a variety of unique vintages and other tantalizing wines while enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of our scenic region.

 Mendocino wineries and vineyardsBARRA of Mendocino

Redwood Valley, CA

If you’ve never experienced fall in Northern California, reserve your seasonal tour at BARRA. Since 1955, this wonderful destination has produced blends, which are made from pressed-to-perfection grapes. The temperate climate and nutrient-rich waters of the Russian River work in the favor of the winemakers here. During your visit, ask questions about the intricate process behind creating some of the most sought-after wines in Anderson Valley.

Foursight Winery

Boonville, CA

Foursight Winery is also high on our list of the best Mendocino wineries and vineyards. This locally owned and operated place offers some of the most phenomenal Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. During your tour, you’ll learn about old-world techniques, which are used to produce each of the estate wines. Whether you stroll the rows of vines with a glass in hand or sip, savor, and socialize in the wonderful tasting room, a visit to this beloved winery will make a delightful addition to your getaway!

Goldeneye Winery

Philo, CA

Goldeneye Winery proudly exports some of the most fabulous varietals in Anderson Valley. After one sip of the signature wine, your taste buds will ignite with the regionally inspired flavors and carefully aged tastes. From the award-winning Pinot Noir to the enticing Pinot Gris, discovering a new favorite blend will not be difficult to do at Goldeneye. Choose from a variety of ways to enjoy the wines, but we enjoy the exclusive Elevated Tasting Experience. You’ll receive a more personal explanation of the winemaking process and pair each sample with a delicious food!

Husch Vineyards

Philo, CA

Visit Husch Vineyards, the oldest winery in Anderson Valley, for one the most exclusive Mendocino wine tours. This locally owned and operated winery has produced indulgent wines since 1967 and now creates over 22 different blends. You’ll learn about the intricate process of the growers carefully harvesting each grape according to peak freshness, and how each bushel is moved straight from the vine to the bottle. Plan your tour at Husch any day of the week, and enjoy sampling blends in the converted barn tasting room. Mendocino wineries and vineyards

Navarro Winery & Vineyards

Philo, CA

Make the scenic drive to discover Navarro Vineyards, one of the best wineries on Highway 128. This boutique winery is perhaps the most popular wine destination to visit for its great selection of dry white wines, red wines, rosé wines and sweet white wines. Visit any time of year to delight in the organic blends. Once you’ve completed your tour, purchase picnic supplies from the deli counter and enjoy a gourmet lunch on the rolling green lawn!

Nelson Family Vineyards

Ukiah, CA

Visiting Nelson Family Vineyards offers not only a pleasurable experience for your palette but also for rest of your senses. When you arrive, you’ll see the first of the 200-acre expanse and wonderful farm, each of which is operated by the Nelson family. The many exceptional wines are prepared in small batches from the freshest grapes. In addition to exceptional blends, walk by the bartlett pear trees, groves of olives, and wonderful Christmas trees!

Pacific Star Winery

Fort Bragg, CA

One of the top things to do in Fort Bragg is savoring the blends of the Pacific Star Winery. This must-visit attraction on the coast of Mendocino offers ocean views from its tasting room, an inviting atmosphere, and indulgent wines. Each of the wines bears cheeky names, which shows how laid back and casual this winery truly is. If you’re unable to make the trip this year, become a member of the exclusive Wine Club. You’ll receive discounts and advance notices of upcoming wine releases. Reserve your tasting today before someone else takes your desired time and date!

Roederer Estate

Philo, CA

 Mendocino wineries and vineyardsFor many guests, Roederer Estate tops the Mendocino wineries list. If you are searching for a refreshing wine, enjoy the sparkling concoctions at these wonderful vineyards. Each of the delightful varietals will certainly please your palate. The essence of true rustic elegance is captured by this picturesque winery with its decor, natural elements, and close ties to the land of Anderson Valley. Once you’ve completed your tour, ask the expert staff for their recommendations on which wines to enjoy!

Toulouse Vineyards

Philo, CA

Vern and Maxine Boltz use their combined passion for winemaking to export the exquisite wines of Toulouse. Each of the delightful blends is created from their vast knowledge of wines, how to cultivate the land, and when to harvest the grapes. Since this winery is based on a smaller operation, they maintain full control over how each wine is made. Plan your visit today to discover how special this winery is!

Silversmith Vineyards

Redwood Valley, CA

Silversmith Vineyards is not only one of our favorite Mendocino wineries and vineyards to visit, but it has a beautiful family story behind it. The winery is named after an ancestor, Patrick Cunningham, who immigrated from Ireland in the 1840’s and worked as a silversmith in Boston before moving to Northern California. Five generations of farmers later, we now have Silversmith Vineyards. The cozy tasting room is open daily, and when the weather is temperate, you can stroll through the stunning gardens and enjoy the beautiful views of the vast Redwood Valley!

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