These Mendocino Wineries Are Most Excellent

weekend getaways from SacramentoComing to California can be such an adventure. There are so many things to do here that sometimes it can be hard to choose. The first thing to decide is if you want to have a relaxing, low key trip, a high energy, thrilling trip, or something in between. Fortunately, you can have any one of these. Most tend to choose a fun and relaxing trip. Here in Mendocino, you can stroll along our streets, visit our shops, and dine at some of the best restaurants around and leave Mendocino refreshed and relaxed. At Sea Rock Inn we make it our priority to know what activities to recommend to visitors while they are here. One fantastic activity to consider is touring our Mendocino wineries. There are so many Mendocino wineries to choose from so we put together a small list of our favorites.

The first in our list of Mendocino wineries is Nelson Family Vineyards. This family centered winery is located near Ukiah and is such a pleasure to discover, not only with your palette but with the rest of your senses as well. The owners bought the land and have used it to its fullest potential with not only 200 acres of vineyards but with a farm as well. They believe to make great wine you have to have only the best grapes. The best way to keep your wine consistently amazing is to only make small batches. They have an expansive variety of types of wine so there is something for everyone. While having a taste, be sure to find out more about their farm. They grow so many things like bartlett pears, olives, and Christmas trees. Have a quick drive over and have fun learning more about their wine in their tasting room.

If you are looking for an amazing view while wine tasting, this is one of the best Mendocino wineries around. At Pacific Star Winery, attention to detail is their top concern. Located on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, enjoy the sound of crashing waves while the rest of your senses are overloaded with the amazing taste of their wine. One of the most wonderful aspects of this winery, besides its view, is that they like showcasing different grape varietals that you don’t normally find in wineries. They lovingly vint their wines in oak barrels from around the world to give each vintage it’s own unique twist. This is one of the Mendocino wineries that you should not miss.

Silversmith Vineyards is not only one of our favorite Mendocino wineries to visit but it has a beautiful family story behind it. The winery is named after an ancestor, Patrick Cunningham, who immigrated from Ireland in the 1840’s and worked as a silversmith in Boston until he moved out west. Five generations of farmers later, we now have Silversmith Vineyards, all dedicated to the man who started it all. Their tasting room is open daily, and when the weather is nice, feel free to stroll along their gardens and enjoy the beautiful view of Redwood Valley.

Our last in our list of phenomenal Mendocino wineries is Foursight Winery where the entire process is handled by someone in the family. They use old-world techniques to produce estate wines. They are located in Anderson Valley and have a wonderful tasting room that attracts visitors from all around. They have a wonderful collection of reds and whites that will please everyone. Can’t take your wine with you? Be sure to check out their online store so you can enjoy their wine no matter where you are.

As you can see, when you visit our Mendocino wineries, you are in for a treat. Since they are located all over Mendocino County you will get to know our heavenly area of California very easily. When we have visitors to our Mendocino wineries, they enjoy staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our fabulous views provide the perfect backdrop for guests to open and enjoy a bottle of the wines they have experienced that day. Prefer to stay indoors? All of our rooms come with an amazing view and many come with a gorgeous fireplace which will keep you cozy on even the coldest nights. Contact our wonderful staff today and let us help you plan a trip to see our Mendocino wineries while you stay here with us.

Photo by: Jumping Rocks Photography