3 Mendocino Wineries that Are Off the Beaten Path

Mendocino-wineriesFor a long time, California has been known for some fantastic wines. Many travelers come to California for this very reason. You may have even been one of them. You have seen and heard and tasted all that Napa can do, why not travel just a bit further north and experience our Mendocino wineries. We at Sea Rock Inn love helping our guests find fun things to do while they are here and touring one of our Mendocino wineries is usually high on their list. Let’s have a look at our top 3 favorite Mendocino wineries and what you can expect to find when you tour them.

Barra of Mendocino

Before there even was an option of organic produce, Barra has been one of the few Mendocino wineries that has been producing organic grapes since 1955. You can see when you walk the vineyards that they have been lovingly cared for for many years. The Barra winery is located close to the Russian River which allows for a great local source of water for the vines. They have a fun tasting room that is open daily from 10 to 5. This is a perfect opportunity to drink their wines, ask your questions, and learn so much. They have a mix of red and white to choose from, some award winners, and even a dessert wine that is phenomenal.

Pacific Star Winery

Located just a bit north of us in Mendocino is Ft. Bragg which is home to Pacific Star Winery. When looking for a vineyard to tour, you don’t expect much of a view. At Pacific, you will be amazed at the ocean views from their tasting room. Like their atmosphere, their wines are fun and casual, some with traditional names bearing the grape it originated from. Others have interesting and playful names that will certainly have a great story behind it. If you love their wine we highly suggest investing in their Wine Club. You will get a great discount and be given advance notices of upcoming wine releases. They have winter and summer hours for the winery so be sure and check before you go.

Toulouse Vineyards

Vern and Maxine Boltz are behind the wine at Toulouse and you can see why their wines are so delicious, their love and passion for winemaking. They had a certain plan in mind when they decided to start their winery and they haven’t compromised a single day in their journey. They wanted to only use the best grapes and also give back to the land that has given them such amazing wine. They have a smaller operation so they can have full control over the wines that they make. Be sure to plan a visit as this is relaxing and interesting vineyard to go to.

We have so many wonderful aspects of our area that it’s hard not to be immensely proud of them. We have the ocean so close as well as beautiful forests and amazing Mendocino wineries that there is something here for everyone to enjoy. When you do come to tour these Mendocino wineries, we hope that you will consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Our picturesque B&B is located across from the Pacific Ocean and our grounds are a perfect place to enjoy a bottle of your favorite Mendocino wine while enjoying a sunset. Inside, our rooms are set simply to allow our guests to enjoy the surrounding views. Our beds are topped with luxurious linens for maximum comfort. We also have little modern touches in the rooms so you will feel right at home. Each morning, join us for a delicious breakfast before you start your day. Contact us today and plan a fun trip to these Mendocino wineries soon!

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Photo by Prayitno