4 Superb Reasons to Explore Montgomery Woods State Reserve

There are many things that set California apart from the rest of the country. There is the weather, and the vast differences between it, the beautiful scenery, be it beach or mountains, and of course all of the fun things to do here. When visiting us at Sea Rock Inn in Mendocino, we love talking with our guests and figuring out what their interests are so we can help tailor a fun and interesting itinerary while they are here. For most, they say they love being outdoors. This is one of the biggest draws to our area, the beautiful landscapes with the temperate climate means that we all spend a lot of time outside. One place that we love recommending is the Montgomery Woods State Reserve. Here are our top 4 reasons why this is such a fun area to explore.

Why You Need to Visit Montgomery Woods State Reserve

1. The first reason why we love Montgomery Woods State Reserve is that it is an absolutely gorgeous area. You will find 2 species of redwoods as you meander through the trail. The first is the Sierra Redwood, which is also called Big Tree. While this one is usually bigger but usually doesn’t get as tall as some of the other species. The other species, Coast Redwood, is its taller cousin and only grows in a very specific area on the coast of California and into Oregon. These are usually the tallest trees in the world and love this area because it never fully dries out.

2. Montgomery Woods State Reserve is also a fairly isolated place. Located inland near Ukiah and Comptche, it is a more remote redwood viewing park than most. When people come and visit Montgomery Woods State Reserve, they tend to spend the day here to be sure and soak up everything that can be seen and heard.

3. While Montgomery Woods State Reserve may be isolated, once you get here, it is a very easy place to move around in. There is one trail that is very easy to walk. It follows Montgomery Creek and is a 3 mile loop that takes most about an hour to walk. However, a lot of people tend to take their time since the trail opens up to 5 different redwood groves that have never been logged.

4. Montgomery Woods State Reserve is a perfect place to bring the family, at any age and stage in life. This park is littered with picnic tables for lunch or a snack and places for little ones to explore. There is nothing like seeing children learn through experience. Everyone will be talking about this magical day for years to come.

Relax at Sea Rock Inn

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