Everything You Need to Know About Navarro Vineyards

Navarro VineyardsIt has become widely known that California can produce some of the best wines. However, when you think about California wines, your mind automatically goes to Napa Valley. We at Sea Rock Inn would like you to imagine going a bit more north to our Anderson Valley. We have a different climate and therefore unique wines. Visiting these wineries is always a treat. One in particular we love is Navarro Vineyards. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the wines are terrific. Read on to see how you can spend some time at Navarro Vineyards.

About Navarro Vineyards

This is a family-run operation that has been perfecting wine since 1974. Parents Ted Bennet and Deborah Cahn have instilled the love for winemaking to the next generation with Aaron and Sarah Bennett. They are a smaller facility but that means that they focus on the wine. The benefit comes to you in the unique flavors they create.

Visiting Navarro Vineyards

Navarro Vineyards is in Philo, California, which is close to us at Sea Rock Inn. The trip out should only take around 30 minutes. The best route to take would be scenic Highway 1. Our B&B is close to Highway 1. No matter where you head to on the highway, it’s always breathtaking. You will be able to enjoy some of the best views of coastal California this way.

Tasting Room and Tours

Their tasting room is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. We suggest giving yourselves a few hours to try the wines, walk around, and take a tour.

They have two tours every day for you to choose from. They are at 10:30 am and 2 pm. Tours last about an hour and typically include no more than 15 people. On the tour, you will get a chance to see the vineyards and the production. You will get a glass of wine while on the tour. We recommend going to their deli counter beforehand and grabbing a delicious picnic lunch. Some other things you will see on the tour are how the family is committed to making their production as eco-friendly as possible. Be sure to bring your questions too!

Pre-Release Tasting Program

Since Navarro Vineyards is a smaller operation, the easiest way to purchase their wines is on site. However, if you live far away, one suggestion is to sign up for their Pre-Release Tasting Program. When you sign up for this, you will get a first taste of wines, inside info about what is happening at the vineyards, and more.

You will also get 2 6-8 bottle shipments a year. They typically ship around June and November. Another benefit of the program is the discounts. You will get discounts on pre-release prices. If you like a wine in the sample pack, you can re-order it at a discount.

Navarro Vineyard Wines

Navarro Vineyard has a great selection of reds and whites for you to try. Here is a sample of some of our favorites!



As you can see, Navarro Vineyards can be a great place to spend some time. Considering planning a trip to our part of wine country? Come stay with us at Sea Rock Inn! Our B&B is near the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean which gives our guests some amazing views. We have many amenities that will make you feel right at home.

Our rooms are Jr. Suites, Suites, or Cottages. Each of them is decorated in a classic Californian way. Our comfortable beds are topped with luxurious linens that will help you fall asleep quickly. Each morning, join everyone for a delicious breakfast before you see all of Mendocino’s attractions. Contact us today and begin planning your next trip to northern California!

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