How to Have The Best Time at Nelson Family Vineyards

Nelson Family VineyardsHere in Mendocino, we are known for our sweeping views, fun activities, gorgeous redwoods, and phenomenal food. One other thing we are getting to be known for is our wine. Throughout our Mendocino history, farms and grazing animals roamed the hills. That has now made way for some of the best vineyards around. We at Sea Rock Inn love supporting our local wineries and encourage our guests to do so too. One winery that is a lot of fun to visit is Nelson Family Vineyards. Come see how you should add them to you list of things to do here in Mendocino.

About Nelson Family Vineyards

A lot of the local vineyards have an interesting and rich history behind them. The Nelson family is no different. They have been on their land for over 60 years. Generation after generation taking over the business and putting their own spin on the wine. For just about the same length of time, visitors and locals have loved coming to the farm to experience what life is like there.

Like many other successful stories, the winemaking started in a garage and moved to what now is a first class operation. They believe “Great wines are born in the vineyard” and use that as their driving force to get out everything they can from the grape.

Visiting Nelson Family Vineyards

It is always such a treat to visit a vineyard. Nelson Family Vineyard is located in Hopland and has some breathtaking views. Leading up to their tasting room, you get to walk a short trail that is lined with these amazing wildflowers. The tasting room is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm. Their friendly staff will assist you with the wine tastings and answer any questions you might have.

Nelson Family Vineyard Tours

If you are looking to learn all there is to know about this wonderful vineyard then we recommend a tour. They are offered daily however you do need to register for one in advance. On the tour, you will get a glimpse of the farm, the wine making process, and some of the unique features of this winery.

Nelson Family Vineyard Wines

The types of wine that they feature really go from one end of the spectrum to another.

White Wines

Pinot Grigio- Enjoy a taste of melon and pear with this crisp wine.

Pinot Noir Rose- A crisp, earthy flavor with raspberries and watermelon.

Orange Muscat- Spicy and citrusy with honeysuckle and pear.

Brut Sparkling Wine- Hints of vanilla and baked pear that is creamy and delicate.

Viognier- Feel like you are in France with this peach and apricot tasting varietal.

Chardonnay- This is fermented in oak and stainless steel to give you a balance of crispness and richness.

Red Wines

Zinfandel- While sweet with blackberries, you will also note pepper and spice too.

Top Row Cabernet Sauvignon- You will notice hints of leather, oak, vanilla, and fruit.

Petite Sirah- Enjoy the taste of black currants, dark fruit as well as cloves.

Cabernet Sauvignon- Hints of spice and dark oak go with the currant and dark fruit.

Barn Blend- This is a competition in the family and changes every so often!

Pinot Noir- A different process with open tanks and oak barrels with many fruits!

Events at the Nelson Family Vineyards

If you happen to be in town while there is an event at Nelson Family Vineyards, try and attend. Each month in the summer they have a wonderful concert. The vineyard stays open into the evening and is the quintessential summer treat. Be sure to grab your tickets now!

As you can see, there are so many wonderful things to do at the Nelson Family Vineyards. Our local wines and winemaking families are one of the big draws to our area.

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