Do You Want to Have the Best Northern California Staycation?

Are you dreaming of a relaxing Northern California staycation? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about planning the best trip to our lovely town of Mendocino. How can you get there? What is it about Mendocino that makes it the ideal destination? Why will Sea Rock Inn give you that well-deserved relaxation you seek? Read on, take notes, and start the planning process today!

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Here’s How to Plan the Perfect Northern California Staycation

Getting There

Weekend getaways are a great way to unwind without using too much PTO. If you live on the West Coast and wish to leave town for a few days, then there’s no better destination than the coastal town of Mendocino. It’s acclaimed all around the state and the country as one of the best places to explore nature and relax, so why miss out on it? You have a couple of options when it comes to getting to Mendocino. You can either drive up there and turn your little vacation into a fun road trip along Highway 1, or you can fly! Mendocino has a few nearby airports that you can use, like San Francisco International Airport for more general flights or Fort Bragg and Little River for private and charter planes. 

Creating the Ideal Itinerary

Once you get to Mendocino, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a multitude of things to do here. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll enjoy going on hikes through the many lush state parks surrounding our inn, exploring the many sea caves our coastline features, and going on day trips to the Avenue of the Giants in the Redwood Forest. If you want to enjoy some of the best wines in the country, you’re in luck! Mendocino wineries are a dream come true for wine aficionados. These are just a few examples of what you can do here during your staycation — you’ll have to come and discover the rest yourself! 

Relaxing— Finally!

Your weekend staycation in California wouldn’t be complete without some well-deserved relaxation, and Sea Rock Inn is the ideal place for that. Our inn has its own spa at your disposal so you can treat yourself to a pampering experience. Book a massage, facial, or even a yoga package to treat both your body and mind. Did we mention our splendid backdrop? Our lush garden is a lovely place to be for an evening drink, and the view of the Pacific Ocean in the distance only makes things more magical.

Sea Rock Inn Awaits You for a Fabulous Northern California Staycation

View of the property facing the ocean under orange skyNow that you know how magical your Northern California staycation can be, it’s time you make it a reality. Sea Rock Inn is one of the best B&Bs in the area and one of the top wellness destinations in the whole country! Come to reconnect with nature— and with yourself —and let the soothing atmosphere of the Pacific ocean wash away your stress as soon as you step on our property. Browse our variety of suites and cottages and find the perfect one for you. They feature elegant decor and cozy amenities, including modern bathrooms, luxurious linens, fireplaces, and even balconies with gorgeous views of the ocean. Picture yourself sipping on a glass of wine after a long day of exploring, all snuggled up in a warm blanket and enjoying the present moment. Did we mention the delicious breakfast that awaits you the following morning?

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