Head to the Point Cabrillo Light Station

Point Cabrillo LighthouseThe California coast is rich in so much beauty and history. The residents here in Mendocino love exploring and celebrating everything that makes this area so unique and amazing, whether it was something that happened hundreds of years ago, or in the last decade. Since Mendocino is on the coast, yet so close to the forests as well, it makes our area a diverse and wonderful place to visit. Some visitors like to spend their time with us outdoors and we at Sea Rock Inn love suggesting multiple ways to enjoy the wonderful weather. One way is to head over to the Point Cabrillo Light Station. Let’s discover all the fun things to do while we are there.

At the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, the first thing you will notice is the mesmerizing bluffs. Then you will see the historic light station, dating back to 1909. You will be able to notice that it has been kept immaculate and restored when needed. Once you park, you will have a few options to choose from on where to start. You can either go explore the over 300 acres of the area, you can visit the museum, and lastly before you leave, be sure to pop into the Point Cabrillo Light Station gift shop for a souvenir.

We suggest that you first head out and explore. You can either go it on your own or you can choose a guided tour, all depends on your comfort level. There are many well-established trails that criss-cross through the Point Cabrillo Light Station and plenty to see. There are coves as well to explore, like Frolic Cove which is the site of the clipper ship Frolic that wrecked in 1850. If you choose to have a docent-led group tour, those tickets cost $5 per person and you will learn a lot about the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse from someone who truly loves it. Flexibility is the name of these tours, it’s really catered to what your group would like to see. Just remember when you do choose to visit the bluffs to be mindful that the edges can erode so be careful. Also, be sure to wear layered clothing and great walking shoes. If you choose a self-guided tour or a led one, be sure to check out their map as it is filled with lots of useful information. 

One tour that we highly recommend not only because of what you will learn but also because the fact that its only held a few times a year is the Lens Tour. This is a chance to see the Point Cabrillo Light Station doing its job and understanding everything behind it. The current lightkeepers are the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 87 and they will show you the 3rd order Fresnel lens that has been fully restored.

After you get done exploring the outer parts of the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, come inside and learn more about what life was like at the Point Cabrillo Light Station in its hay day. The first museum to check out is the 1st Assistant Light keeper’s House. It shows how houses looked in the 1930’s and gives visitors a sense of reminiscence of a bygone era. In the main museum, the Lighthouse Museum, visitors will get to glimpse of equipment used as well as a guest book from the Point Cabrillo Light Station’s early days. Next, you will move on to the Fog Signal Building where you will learn about the precise and unique fog light and sound signals that were used so ships could navigate through the fog. After you are done, be sure to move on to the Marine Science Exhibit. This building was restored from a blacksmith and carpenter shop and showcases a 240-gallon seawater aquarium filled with local specimens that adequately highlight what the marine ecosystem is like here.

As mentioned before, be sure to head to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse gift shop before you leave. They have so many wonderful items that will help you remember your trip to this amazing site. Some examples of the things they sell are hoodies, postcards, hats, bags, and of course books filled with facts about the lighthouse as well as the ship Frolic.

As you can see, visiting such an amazing place like Point Cabrillo Light Station can help locals and visitors get a sense of what the Mendocino area was like all those years ago. When visitors come to the area, they love staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. Not only do we have gorgeous rooms, with equally scenic views, but we have amazing add-ons as well. Be sure to check out our spa package add-ons for a sure way to have a relaxing visit. Contact our staff today and book a trip to see us and a visit to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. `