What Do You Need to Know About Ridgewood Ranch?

Are horses your passion? If so, you must be familiar with the story of Seabiscuit. Did you know that his resting place is only an hour away from Mendocino, CA? Take a day trip to beautiful Ridgewood Ranch to learn more about this iconic horse champion! Read on to learn more and get ready to spend a lovely afternoon exploring this lovely 20-acre property. 

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Here’s Why You’ll Love Your Day at Ridgewood Ranch


It’s Full of History

Ridgewood Ranch is not only a scenic destination in Northern California, but it’s also a historic property! There is much evidence for native occupation, but the story of the ranch officially began in the mid-1800s when Rench Angle, a sheep rancher, purchased it. Charles S. Howard became the fourth owner when he purchased the property in 1919. Howard — a multi-millionaire and automobile magnate– turned it into a thriving operation. He raised cattle and sheep, and created a vegetable garden and several fruit orchards. Howard also had a passion for horses, and one in particular made history.


It’s Home to Seabiscuit’s Gravesite

Seabiscuit is, to this day, Ridgewood Ranch’s brightest star. When Howard acquired him, Seabiscuit wasn’t yet the “hall of famer” we know. It took a lot of work to make him the shining star that inspired millions. Seabiscuit was a beacon of hope during the Great Depression and is still one of the most glorious champions in the history of horse racing. He died just before his 14th birthday and was buried at his home, Ridgewood Ranch. You can see his gravesite during your visit, and even see his descendants, Lil’ Biscuit and Bronze Sea, that still reside at the ranch!


It Offers Great Tours

If you want to experience Ridgewood Ranch to the fullest, a tour is highly recommended. All tours are docent-led and only available by reservation, so make sure you plan ahead! These historic walking tours run between June and September every other Saturday at 9 a.m. To check dates and book your tickets, head over to the online store. Children under 11 can attend for free, otherwise, the regular cost is $20 per person. Note that if you are a Mendocino County resident, you can get tickets for $11— just show proof of residency! Tours include a viewing of Ridgewood Ranch footage—including exclusive scenes of Seabiscuit—a tour of his barn, and a tour of the 1905-style ranch house.

Are you a nature lover? Mendocino County is full of beautiful hiking opportunities, and Ridgewood Ranch is no exception. If you want to explore the outdoors at this great location, then hop on one of their nature walks! Three trails are available:

  • Redwood Grove: A moderate 5-mile loop trail with low water crossings
  • White Deer Lake: A beautiful 5-mile hike along the wildflower meadows and oak woodland with scenic lake views
  • Walker Lake Boundary Hike: This is the longest hike (six miles) that takes you through redwoods and beyond the lake spillway.


Note: These tours are guided and start at 9 a.m. They usually last between three and six hours. Make your reservation over the phone by calling (707) 391-3872, or via email at seabiscuit@instawave.net.


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