Things to Do on Romantic Getaways in Northern California

Mendocino, CA, is simply breathtaking from any angle. Our region maintains a delicate balance of natural allure, intricate history, exceptional cuisine, and stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean. When you plan romantic getaways to Northern California with Sea Rock Inn, you’ll experience all of these defining features of our area on your trip. Explore hand-in-hand, immerse yourself in our nature together, and rekindle the flame with your special someone this year!

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Things to Do on Romantic Getaways in Northern California

Romantic getaways in Northern California are the perfect ways to show your beloved just how much they mean to you. Before you plan your couple’s retreat, consult our Vacation Guide (link above), or review our list below!

Adventures on the Water

Romantic getaways in Northern California would not be complete without a visit to the sea caves of Mendocino!On romantic getaways in Northern California, you’ll be captivated by the myriad of activities to choose from. In Mendocino, our region boasts a temperate climate and consistently pleasant weather year round. Moreover, no matter what time of year you’re visiting with your partner, you’re sure to have a marvelous time. One of the most popular pastimes, happening more than five months out of the year, is whale watching. Whether you visit in winter or spring, you’ll have the unique opportunity to view these majestic creatures in their natural habitats. We recommend booking your tour with Anchor Charter Boats in Fort Bragg for a high-quality, entertaining experience. In addition, here are a few other on-the-water activities our guests’ enjoy during weekend trips!

Admire Local Art

Mendocino remains a cultural hub where many places in our area foster the relationship between nature and art. One of the most magical destinations to view this seemingly contrasting pair is the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. The gardens offer a wonderful space for you and your loved one to wander the trails and see what is in bloom. While you are walking, enjoy a stunning view of the mighty Pacific and the cliffs upon which our region sits. Many events call this garden home including:

In addition to the Botanical Gardens, Mendocino is also known for a burgeoning arts community. With a variety of galleries to tour, our thriving creative scene is like no other. One of the most exceptional ones to visit is the Mendocino Arts Center. This artistic showcase features inspiring exhibits, thought-provoking pieces, and a fantastic gift shop to peruse. You may also wish to enroll in an art class, which makes for a wonderful date during romantic getaways to Northern California!

Vistas & Vino

Nothing brings you closer to immersing yourself in a new vacation destination quite like pairing a marvelous meal with vistas of the Pacific while ocean-view dining in Mendocino. Each of these seaside eateries offers a gorgeous selection of fresh seafood, wonderful libations, and regional delicacies. You won’t be disappointed by your culinary experience!

Touring the many vineyards dotting across the serene landscape is another charming way to enjoy romantic getaways in Northern California. You simply must take an afternoon to visit one of our local wineries to sample locally inspired blends and savor our laidback lifestyle. From red to white wine varietals, there’s something exquisite waiting for your arrival. After all, you deserve it!

Explore our Nature

Grab your partner’s hand after breakfast at Sea Rock Inn and whisk them away into an adventure in the natural wonder of Mendocino. Many scenic destinations compose the stunning aesthetic and pleasing allure of our coastal region. From the towering California Redwood Forest, to the scenic Mendocino Coast, to the Mendocino National Forest, our region remains so diverse. If you wish to spend time in our outdoors, here are our top recommendations for things to do!

Unwind Together at Sea Rock Inn

During your stay at Sea Rock Inn, you’ll be treated to a selection of beautifully appointed accommodations, a gourmet breakfast each morning, a stunning property, and unparalleled views of the majestic Pacific Ocean. Combined together, these elements compose the idyllic romantic getaways in Northern California.

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