What Are the Best Seafood Restaurants in Mendocino?

Are you craving a delicious seafood platter during your vacation? If so, you couldn’t have picked a better spot than Mendocino! Our lovely coastal town is a prime location for fresh Pacific seafood and locally sourced ingredients, so why not make the most of it? In this blog, we’ll share three of our favorite seafood restaurants in Mendocino to help you satisfy your cravings and treat your taste buds to an exclusive culinary experience. Are you ready? Read on, take notes, and get your appetite ready for succulent meals! 

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You Will Love These 3 Seafood Restaurants in Mendocino! 

Cafe Beaujolais 

Mendocino is known to have plenty of top-notch restaurants where you can enjoy high-end experiences along with delicious food. If you are specifically looking for seafood, however, we have three excellent options for you! Our first pick is Café Beaujolais. They serve a variety of dishes, including an incredible selection of fish. From French to Asian staples, all using local ingredients from nearby farms, you’ll have enough options to keep you satisfied for several meals! 

Flow Mendocino 

How about combining delicious seafood and stunning ocean views? You can have the best of both worlds at Flow Mendocino! Book a table by the window or on the patio to make sure you have the best view possible and discover their mouthwatering menu. The Pacific Cod Chowder makes for a great starter, followed by either the creamy seafood pasta or Cioppino! The latter is a San Francisco-style fish stew that you must try at least once! 

Wild Fish 

Another fabulous seafood restaurant we recommend is Wild Fish. It’s not technically in Mendocino, but it is only a short drive away in Little River! This is a fabulous option for those seeking 100% organic fish and locally sourced ingredients. Because the seafood is fresh, the menu changed daily but can include oyster platters, swordfish, whole rock cod, halibut, bouillabaisse, and more.  

Rest and Digest at Sea Rock Inn 

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