Our Favorite Things to Do in California Winter

No matter when you travel to Mendocino, you’ll be captivated by the year-round, temperate weather. Although the seasons change, winter remains one of the most magical times of year in Northern California. From garden tours to wonderful events, there’s no shortage of enchanting things to do in California in winter. Bring your heavy coats, your sense of wonder, and your spirit of adventure on your getaway to Sea Rock Inn this year!

If you’re having difficulty deciding which things to do in California in the winter, request a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide to Mendocino. We carefully curated this travel planner to forget the stress of planning your next trip and experiencing more of our area. Our guide includes our top choices for area attractions, seasonal celebrations, and outdoor destinations. You’ll also find a sample of the beautifully appointed accommodations and deluxe amenities at our cliffside bed and breakfast. Fill out the form and get yours today!

The Best Things to Do in California in the Winter

Since Mendocino is one of the places to visit in California during winter, there’s something exciting to enjoy with our suggestions for the best things to do in California in the winter. Here’s how we enjoy this time of year!

Storm Watch From Your Room

Once you book your romantic getaway to Sea Rock this winter, you may choose to spend some of your time indoors with your special someone. From your intimate accommodation, enjoy panoramic vistas of the mighty Pacific Ocean. In fact, there’s a chance of you seeing a storm off the coast. It’s truly a magical sight to behold, and you can’t see anything like it from anywhere in Northern California.

Explore the Gardens

Mendocino is a beloved vacation destination for many reasons, but perhaps the main one is for our natural allure. In fact, one of our favorite things to do in California in the winter is touring the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. This enchanting green space boasts a stunning collection of seasonal blossoms, various other beautiful plants, and a charming place to relax. It’s also the scenic backdrop to many remarkable area events. One of the most iconic is the Festival of Lights, one of our favorite things to do in December. Whatever way you decide to pass the time, you won’t be disappointed!

Attend Winter Events

Mendocino maintains a delicate balance of natural beauty, exceptional cuisine, and captivating events. Our cliffside community and the immediate area offer a delightful experience that showcases our laid-back culture. Among the top celebrations is the Seafood, Wine and Beer Festival. It’s one of the most delectable things to do in January with regionally inspired dishes, a selection of libations, and friendly chefs. If you’re wishing to be a local, attending one of the annual extravaganzas will make a wonderful addition to your getaway with Sea Rock Inn!

Walk the Trails

Another of our favorite things to do in California winter is taking a leisurely stroll. Throughout Mendocino, there are networks of scenic trails lined with towering Redwoods, and each beholds the beauty of our region. If you’re looking for the perfect place, enjoy the easy hiking paths in the Mendocino Headlands State Park. This lovely nature reserve not only features panoramic vistas from the cliffs and trails but also a stunning shoreline. It’s the idyllic location to hear the waves crash on the coast and reconnect with your partner, nature, and yourself.

Curl Up Together at Sea Rock Inn

After you’ve enjoyed some of the best things to do in California in winter, head back to the refined comfort of our charming bed and breakfast. We offer a gorgeous selection of stunning suites and invite you to reserve the ideal one for your vacation. When you walk into your room, cuddle up by the warm glow of the fireplace; enjoy a glass of wine; and delight in the company of your beloved. To begin your day, walk through the mystical Mendocino fog to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast in our oceanfront Breakfast Room. Or, schedule a massage session in our on-site oasis. Whatever you spend your time at Sea Rock, winter getaways in California aren’t the same anywhere else. Book your stay with us today!