Treat Mom

view from Cottage 5 of the waterAnother fabulous day on the coast!!~ Was kind of balmy this morning-not to chilly. Reminded me of early mornings that I used to spend at Newport Beach, the slight chill in the air but promises of a glorious beach day.

Some of our guests today are taking long hikes on the miles of paths along the ocean and inland along the rivers. The Osprey are nesting now and their unique cry can be heard as they hunt along the shore. The river otters play with each other like kittens and pop their heads up out of the water to spy on you. 🙂

This weekend in Mendocino promises to be a beautiful gift for Mom on her day. The Sea Rock Inn is preparing to pamper ‘mom’ so be sure you grab one of the few accommodations left and give her the relaxation and attention she deserves!

Give us a call to make your reservation. 707-937-0926  or  800-906-0926