Unique Mendocino Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss

Mendocino-attractionsSometimes it takes something out of the ordinary to get yourself out of a rut. We at Sea Rock Inn here in Mendocino think that our area is the perfect spot for travelers looking for something different. There are so many amazing and unique Mendocino attractions that it might take you more than one trip to see them. Let’s have a look at two major types of Mendocino attractions to help you understand some of the amazing things you can do while you are here.

The first set of unique attractions we want to highlight are the outdoors ones. While Mendocino may be located in Northern California, we have great weather year round and this gives our locals and visitors a chance to experience our unique outdoor attractions at any point during the year. The first, and most obvious of our outdoor Mendocino attractions is our coast. You can see it from our property at Sea Rock Inn, walk trails along the coast, and visit some of our fantastic state parks that are on the coast. In a complete juxtaposition of the coast, not too far away from the coast are our redwood forests. There are some ways to see them that are close to Mendocino, like taking a fun ride on the Skunk Train. However, if you have a car, we highly suggest taking a day trip a bit further north and see the Avenue of the Giants. It is well worth the drive to see some of the tallest and most incredible trees in the world. The experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

If you enjoy shopping, as well as local shops, our Mendocino attractions won’t disappoint. There are a few local shops that we want to highlight. The first is Mendocino Sandpiper Jewelry and Gifts. They boast the largest selection of affordable jewelry. Not only can you find beautiful and affordable jewelry but you can see that it is made from local resources like quartz, pearl, and semi-precious stones. Have a look at their fantastic inventory and you will easily be able to find something for yourself or a loved one. Next up in our list of unique attractions are two decadent candy stores. The first is Papa Bear’s Chocolate Haus. They are known throughout the town as having some of the best handmade sweets. Be sure to have a sample, or two, of their options. One that many love is their raspberry bark as well as their amazing peanut butter cups. Another chocolate store in Mendocino we recommend is the Belgian Chocolate Shoppe. This friendly owner loves sharing Belgian chocolate with all visitors and it is a real treat to have international chocolate right here in Mendocino. The last of our Mendocino attractions we want to point out takes you a charming local bookstore, Gallery Bookshop. This bookstore has something for every age from children to seasoned readers. Not only will they have the hottest books but be sure to peruse their Mendocino section and learn a bit about our wonderful area and its history.

As you can see, when it comes to choosing a fun place to travel to, our unique Mendocino attractions will easily draw you in. When you do decide to come to Mendocino, consider staying with us at Sea Rock Inn. We are located conveniently close to not only Mendocino but also Highway 1 which will take you up and down the California coast anywhere you would like to go. Each morning with us starts off right with a delicious breakfast which is a great way to start a day filled with adventures at our Mendocino attractions. Each night fall asleep quickly as our comfortable beds are topped with luxurious linens and our rooms are filled with modern touches that feel just like home. Contact us today and let us help you plan a fun trip to Mendocino!

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Photo by Prayitno