Sip, sip, hooray! Here Are the Top 12 Mendocino Wineries

Northern California is known for wine. Thousands of vineyards are scattered throughout the landscape. Here in Mendocino, there is no exception! Our area is in the Mendocino AVA region, which includes sub-regions such as Anderson Valley and boasts many outstanding wineries. Each winery is unique and features excellent reds, whites, and blends. The possibilities are endless, so we have made a list of our top picks in the area for exceptional wines. Wineries are just the start! If you’re planning a trip to Mendocino, get your copy of our Vacation Guide! Inside you’ll find top picks for activities, restaurants, local attractions, and so much more!  

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Wineries for the Best Wine Tasting in Mendocino 

1. Barra of Mendocino 

Redwood Valley, CA – 75 minutes away from Sea Rock Vineyard

Before there even was an option of organic produce, Barra has been one of the few Mendocino wineries that has been producing organic grapes since 1955. You can see when you walk the vineyards that they have been lovingly cared for over the years. The Barra winery is located close to the Russian River which allows for a great local source of water for the vines. They have a fun tasting room that is open daily from 10 to 5. This is a perfect opportunity to drink their wines, ask your questions, and learn so much. They have a mix of red and white to choose from, some award winners, and even a dessert wine that is phenomenal. 

2.  Pacific Star Winery 

Fort Bragg, CA – 30 minutes away from Sea Rock 

Located just a bit north of us in Mendocino is Ft. Bragg which is home to Pacific Star Winery. When looking for a vineyard to tour, you don’t expect much of a view. At Pacific Star Winery, you will be amazed at the ocean views from their tasting room. Like their atmosphere, their wines are fun and casual, some with traditional names bearing the grape it originated from. Others have interesting and playful names that will certainly have a great story behind it. If you love their wine we highly suggest investing in their Wine Club. You will get a great discount and be given advance notices of upcoming wine releases. They have winter and summer hours for the winery so be sure and check before you go. 

Top Mendocino Wineries 

3. Toulouse Vineyards 

Philo, CA – 50 minutes away from Sea Rock 

Vern and Maxine Boltz are behind the wine at Toulouse and you can see why their wines are so delicious, their love and passion for winemaking. They had a certain plan in mind when they decided to start their winery and they haven’t compromised a single day in their journey. Aiming to use only the best grapes and also give back to the land that has given them such amazing wine. They have a smaller operation so they can have full control over the wines that they make. Be sure to plan a visit as this is a relaxing and interesting vineyard to go to!

4. Navarro Winery & Vineyards  

Philo, CA – 50 minutes away from Sea Rock  

How does a wine tasting paired with a scenic road trip along Highway 128 sound? Plan a visit to Navarro Vineyards—one of the best wineries on highway 128 (especially for white wines and rosés). You can visit any time of year to delight in their organic blends. Before you leave, be sure to purchase picnic supplies from the deli counter and enjoy a gourmet lunch on the rolling green lawn!  

5. Roederer Estate  

Philo, CA – 42 minutes away from Sea Rock Inn  

If you are searching for a refreshing glass of wine, enjoy the sparkling concoctions at Roederer Estate. All the delightful varietals here are sure to please your palate. The winery itself is the essence of true rustic elegance, and you’ll love the natural decor that represents the winery’s close ties with Anderson Valley.  

6. Goldeneye Winery  

Philo, CA – 50 minutes away from Sea Rock Inn  

Mendocino County, CA

Goldeneye Winery proudly exports some of the most fabulous varietals in Anderson Valley. After one sip of their signature wine, your taste buds will ignite with the regionally inspired flavors and carefully aged tastes. From the award-winning Pinot Noir to the enticing Pinot Gris, Goldeneye has it all. You can even choose the Elevated Tasting Experience, during which you’ll receive a personal explanation of the winemaking process (and enjoy delicious pairings)!  

7. Meyer Family Cellars   

Yorkville, CA, and Mendocino, CA – 4 minutes away from Sea Rock Inn  

Meyer Family Cellars stands out from other California wineries with its wide range of production. They produce wine at both of their locations in Mendocino and Oakville, one of the world’s premier growing wine regions for Cabernet Sauvignon. When staying with us, visit the tasting room on Main Street in Mendocino.    

8. Husch Vineyards  

Philo, CA- 40 Minutes from Sea Rock  

Visit Husch Vineyards, the oldest winery in Anderson Valley, to discover how this locally owned and operated winery has produced indulgent wines since 1967 and creates over 22 different blends. Husch is also very sustainable, making every possible effort to protect the surrounding wildlife and rivers. All the grapes are even hand-harvested! We highly suggest you try their Sauvignon Blanc—it’s one of our personal favorites!    

9. Pennyroyal Farm  Pacific Coast Highway in Mendocino County, CA

Boonville, CA – 55 minutes away from Sea Rock Inn  

If you’re looking to have a one-of-a-kind experience, head to Pennyroyal Farm. This family-owned vineyard is also home to a dairy farm and creamery. Treat yourself to a delicious wine tasting, paired with tastes of cheese and other picnic snack items.   

10. Nelson Family Vineyards.  

Ukiah, CA- 85 minutes from Sea Rock 

This family centered winery is located near Ukiah and is such a pleasure to discover, not only with your palette but with the rest of your senses as well. The owners bought the land and have used it to its fullest potential with not only 200 acres of vineyards but with a farm as well. They believe to make great wine you have to have only the best grapes. The best way to keep your wine consistently amazing is to only make small batches. They have an expansive variety of types of wine so there is something for everyone. While having a taste, be sure to find out more about their farm. They grow so many things like Bartlett pears, olives, and Christmas trees. Have a quick drive over and have fun learning more about their wine in their tasting room. 

11. Silversmith Vineyards 

Redwood Valley, CA- 75 minutes from Sea Rock 

This is not only one of our favorite Mendocino wineries to visit but it has a beautiful family story behind it. The winery is named after an ancestor, Patrick Cunningham, who immigrated from Ireland in the 1840’s and worked as a silversmith in Boston until he moved out west. Five generations of farmers later, we now have Silversmith Vineyards, all dedicated to the man who started it all. Their tasting room is open daily, and when the weather is nice, feel free to stroll along their gardens and enjoy the beautiful view of Redwood Valley. 

12. Foursight Winery  

Booneville, CA- 60 minutes from Sea Rock 

Where the entire process is handled by someone in the family. They use old-world techniques to produce estate wines. Located in Anderson Valley, they have a wonderful tasting room that attracts visitors from all around. They have a wonderful collection of reds and whites that will please everyone. Can’t take your wine with you? Be sure to check out their online store so you can enjoy their wine no matter where you are. 

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