Dear guests,

-Visitors to Mendocino County should know that the current drought is a statewide issue, not a destination issue.  Any visitors traveling throughout the state will find similar conditions regardless of location.

-All hotel properties in Mendocino County have sufficient in-room water for personal needs however, we are asking guests to be mindful of use and conserve when possible (i.e.: turn the water off while brushing teeth, shaving and limiting shower time).

-The County is currently looking into multiple water source solutions to ensure the guest experience is not impacted.

-The lack of sufficient rainfall this year is challenging, one we share with all California tourism destinations.  Being a wildly scenic and remote region, Mendocino County is up for the challenge.  We are working with our local government to create a solution that not only addresses the current situation but places us in a stronger position moving forward.

We look forward to your visit to Mendocino and Sea Rock Inn.

Sea Rock Inn