Mendocino Annual Events

Discover Charming Local Festivals and Celebrations

Discovering a new place is fun and exciting, but attending a local festival or event can enhance and highlight the things that make it truly unique! There’s nothing like mingling with the local community, experiencing new traditions and making life-long memories – and luckily for you, our area offers plenty of local events and festivals to entertain you throughout the year.

Whatever the season, there’s something to celebrate about our area on the northern coast of California. So gather your friends or grab your special someone to plan your getaway to our inn in Mendocino, where you’ll be within minutes of all the local festivities. Check out some of our favorite Mendocino festivals below so you can schedule your trip around the ones you prefer! Get ready to discover what makes our area so unique at these seasonal events in Mendocino!

group of people eating dinner together

Festivals for All Interests

Nature Lovers & Outdoor Enthusiasts
Foodie Fans & Seafood Savorers
Beer Drinkers & Wine Aficionados
Music, Movie & Art Appreciators
Small Town Celebrators

Seasonal Events

Plan Your Trip Around the Best Annual Events in Mendocino

Man with plate of oysters at Mendocino seafood festival

Winter Festivals

Are you planning to visit Mendocino in the winter? Our coastal town can be magical during the colder months and offers plenty of whimsical (and even tasty!) events to attend with your loved ones. Here are some of our favorites:

woman looking through binoculars during whale watching in Mendocino festival

Spring Festivals

While other areas of the United States are covered in snow, we enjoy the crisp days and the return of whale watching season. This is truly one of the most majestic sights to behold on the Golden Coast, and you can celebrate with a variety of events!

couple at a botanical garden in summer

Summer Festivals

The beautiful summer weather spans between the months of May and September, and with it comes a selection of fun events you cannot miss. From national celebrations to scenic botanical festivals, you’ll have plenty to do and see!


happy couple having wine poured at Mendocino wine festival

Fall Festivals

As the leaves change the stunning landscape during fall in Northern California, marvel at the magnificent sights during one of these autumn celebrations. Did you know fall is also the perfect season for foodies? Treat your taste buds to a fresh and unique experience at some of the local food and wine events!