When is the best time to visit Mendocino Coast? Why any time of year, of course. Both visitors and locals alike are always captivated by our picturesque landscape, which features the perfect spot for a getaway in our area, stunning shorelines, and magical sea caves. Here at Sea Rock Inn, you can enjoy the fresh air, bright sunshine, and refreshing ocean breezes. Each morning you wake with us, you’ll see the coastal fog, our constant companion, roll in and nourish our flowers. We urge you to enjoy these fascinating clouds that blanket our stunning property from the comfort of your private deck or in our oceanfront Breakfast Room. As the Mendocino fog dissipates, temperatures can range from 30 or more degrees between the crisp mornings and midday.

Free Vacation Guide

When you wish to enhance your experience in our beloved cliffside community, request a copy of our free Vacation Guide to Mendocino! This carefully curated travel guide features an assortment of seasonal activities, special events, and cultural activities, each of which is designed to bring you closer to the coastal lifestyle of our natural paradise. There is no better way to experience our scenic area without exploring the sights and sounds of Mother Nature.

The Weather of Our Cliffside Coast

When you visit our breathtaking seaside haven, we have a few recommendations for how to prepare for our weather.  

  • Pack layers of clothing, including a windbreaker, raincoat, and casual pieces.
  • Wear comfortable shoes when exploring the many attractions of Mendocino.
  • Bring your camera to capture just how dramatically beautiful our area is year-round.
  • Keep a bottle of sunscreen with you during the warm months.

Do wish to know more about maximizing your time in Mendocino, California? If so, review our synopsis of each season.


Breathtakingly beautiful, enjoy the best weather of Mendocino from February to the end of May. While much of the U.S. is blanketed in snow, we relish this time because our days are crisp and filled with jaw-dropping views. During the spring, temperatures usually range from low 40s to mid-to-high 70s, with a chance of cool rain showers. We urge you to bring rain gear, especially if you wish to delight in our many activities like whale watching in Mendocino!


Mornings are typically shared with a delicate mist, which waters our lush flora almost every day, and when it eventually burns off, it reveals our picturesque paradise. With temperatures ranging in the high 40s to low 70s, you’ll find a sweater or jacket more desirable than a bathing suit. Mendocino is tremendously captivating in its beauty, so we urge you to experience these fascinating activities!

Summer Activities


As you drive through our scenic retreat, you’ll be delightful hues of the fall foliage decorating our landscape. Crisp yellows, vibrant oranges, and rich reds complement our stunning landscape and paint the idyllic picture of Mendocino. Anticipate cool mornings and evenings with temperatures in low 50s to low 80s and delight in the warm 60s and 70s during the day. Celebrate our temperate autumn climate at one of these annual happenings and participate in one of these exciting activities.

Special Autumn Events

Things to do during fall in Mendocino


Since snow is rare, nothing beats the brisk climate of our winter time with temperatures in the high 30s to low 60s. Bring your heavy raincoat and head covering to keep you warm on your daily adventures. You can watch the waves crash at one of the quiet beaches, meander through the forest, or watch winter storms form over the Pacific Ocean from our cliffside bed and breakfast. When you wish to head indoors, light the fireplace, prepare some hot cocoa, coffee, or share a bottle of wine, and snuggle with your beloved in your luxurious accommodation. Once the weather clears, delight in the breathtaking vistas as far as the eye can see and even attend one of the area’s fantastic events.

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